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6 February 2013

PitRok Crystal Deodorant 100ml - £ 4.05
In all honesty this deodorant was a grab and go buy. I was running around Boots scooping up essentials  after spontaneously deciding to take a trip to stay at a friends despite not having a stitch to wear or even anything essential as a toothbrush etc. So when I got to the deo section and saw this among all the usual suspects I was pretty surprised and pleased and since I had already heard of PitRock before, I happily scooped it up into my basket. It all worked out really rather nicely!

But the thing is, I'm struggling to get to grips with this deodorant. You might think that's a silly thing to say, like, 'it's just a deodorant, what's the silly girl on about?'
Well, I shall explain.

The deodorant is in a spray form but unlike traditional spray deodorants it isn't in a pressurised air form. Rather it is a spray pump, very much like for a body oil or room spritzer. This means that the formula doesn't come out in a nice misty spray it comes out in spurts of liquid. So instead of having a nice even coating of deodorant the formula tends to hit the skin and as obvious as this sounds, but, it's really wet. So much so that if you spray too much you get a little river running down your pit and down your side! Erm a little bit mank!

Ultimately this means you have to practice to get the right pumping amount, but once you do, you can feel a little bit smug like 'yeah i got it down!' Buuut, then you realise that your perfectly pumped coating of deodorant is still pretty wet (i know, i know) and although it's not running down your sides, it's not really drying rapidly either... now, it's not sticky per se but it doesn't feel like it dries down. They say on the instructions to let it dry for a minute, well a) one minute feels like an eternity when you're standing there like a donk in nothing but your birthday suit or undergarments and b) even a minute isn't long enough. Cue much arm flapping and prancing about in front of heaters or fans.

Pheeew just thinking and typing this makes me feel exhausted.
So, is all this pumping practice and nuddy-pants arms-akimbo dancing for a deodorant worth it? Well, essentially yes it is, if you don't mind  being energetic. (Hell, that could be a totally great thing, an easy enjoyable and multi-functional way of getting fit. Although the whole conundrum of exercise = sweat with exercise = drying deodorant to stop sweat is a puzzler to get your mind whirling about).

The fact is that once you have mastered the deodorant application process the result is fantastic, since using this I never have dreaded smells or embarrassing patches and it lasts a super long time, all day and I'd say even into the evening.  The issue is that it can only be applied to clean skin and therefore can't be topped up. But thankfully due to the longevity of the formula this so far hasn't been a problem.
The formula doesn't clog or block the pores like an anti-persparent, so my skin doesn't feel suffocated or tight and it has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Calendula and Grapefruit extracts to keep your under arms smooth and conditioned.
Best of all is that this formula never leaves white marks or have that fluffy fallout that some deodorants can have.

A factor about this deodorant that I never know whether I like or not is that it is unscented. Now that's great if like me you are funny about scents (there's nothing worse than having a strong scented deodorant that wafts scent and makes me think of my pitts repeatedly throughout the day- is that just me?) but then again maybe it would be nice to have a gentle scent, sometimes a scent can lend to that whole fresh feeling. I'm so fickle.

Now the basic bits. The price is pretty reasonable for 100ml andI reckon it will last me quite a while due to it being so long lasting. I love the packaging- what other deodorant packaging makes it look stylish and cool?

So, take from this what you will, both pros and cons, but ultimately I say if you're not perturbed by a bit of deodorant dancing then this is a great deodorant, that just takes a little bit of practice.

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  1. It's so true about the importance of having a little bit of scent! But at the same time, I think it's almost better to stick with an unfragranced deodorant to avoid ANY conflict with a perfume or additional body spray. There's a new deodorant on the block called Native Unearthed Crystal deodorant. It's like Pitrok raw crystal deodorant, but it's the more innovative version with a twist up function and a wide head for application. I just hope it's easier to apply. It's Allergy UK approved to which is a plus!


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