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28 February 2013

Jardins D'Eden Detox Heart Fizzy £10* 
(last photo taken from Jardins D'Eden facebook page -what it should look like -pretty!)

Well hello, sorry for the wait, I've been away sulking to myself in my little bedroom cave (lol), anyway now im back i feel much better to write a post!

Sssoooo. A short while back I was sent a lovely Detox Heart Fizzy from Jardins D'Eden. I'd never heard of this brand before so when I was given the chance to explore their products, I happily did so. I immediately saw the Heart Fizzy bath items and knew with my recent passion for bath time relaxing they would be perfect to try out. I recently have been using some sheets where the dye keeps being left on my skin despite numerous washes and it's been bringing me out in a bumpy rash. Nothing major but enough to be annoying. So i chose the detox Heart Fizzy to helps soothe it and to give me a bit of a pick me up!

This beautiful bath fizzy is made with Grapefruit, Juniper Berry ('he ate all my juniper berries'/ 'of course it brought forth juniper berries...it's a juniper bush!' - pleeease tell me some of you know those film quotes?!) and Lemongrass essential oils, which in my eyes is a full on win combo. I love all of them to eat and smell! Oh it also has extras such as Cypress and Rosemary as an added bonus.

When it is called a Fizzy, it don't lie! I love how it wooshed and fizzed around my bath and slowly and wonderfully plunked out amaaaaazing scents that just comatosed me in a warm blissful fugg! Oooh i seriously loved this in my bath, and it is huge so you really get a wonderful long experience from it. And what's more it was only £10 which I think is actually a bit of a steal for what you get!

Unfortunately, when i got this fizzy, Martin-The-Post-Man or one of his clumsy postman mates had given it a good bash about, so, despite it being wrapped and packaged like a swaddled child (beautifully wrapped in gold tissue), mine turned up broken, hence the photos and my cack-handed attempt at trying to make it look arty. Buuut this actually was quite good because I simply scooped out the large chunks and used them in my bath and then had a lot of lovely loose powder to sprinkle in at my free will. So it worked out very nicely. The other thing i did was during a stressssssful day i got a bowl of hot water, sprinkled in some of the loose fizzy powder and let the lovely scent waft about my room that way. i felt rather clever thinking of that! haha

You can find this lovely Detox Heart Fizzy and other Heart Fizzies in the range on the Jardins D'Eden website (which also has many other delicious looking products!)

Go on, indulge!

Mavs x

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  1. I love bath fizzies. This one sounds like something even I would enjoy considering that it has Lemongrass Oil. Nice review.


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