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12 February 2013

Ok so I psyched myself up and decided to try my first attempt at a youtube video! Squeeee so nerve racking!
I thought this would be a really cool added dimension to the blog and I mean who doesn't love youtube?! personally I'm addicted to it and thought it was about time I bit the bullet and gave it a go. Plus there's not that many natural/organic youtubers out there so i thought it would be a cool niche to explore!

So bare with me, it's a bit waffly and i fiddle with my hair a lot, oh and it's totally ok if you laugh at the editing! There was a lot of spitting blood and feathers (metaphorically of course!) over iMovie. I used to be ok at it and did several courses at uni, not any more it would seem! But hey it will get better in time!

Comment on it if you like and let me know what is good/bad, or any suggestions you have. I'm open to it all at this early stage. I'm so excited (in a nervy way) to start this and hope that you guys like it as much as me.

So here it is. My Current Favourites that I'm addicted and obsessed with atm! Oh you can also watch in HD! :) (groovy bananas right?!)


Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand cream -

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Dr Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips -
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Korres Fig Body Scrub -
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Neal's Yard Remedies Eye Shadow in Hibiscus -
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Amargan Nourishing Protein Cleanser -
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Doll Face Lolita Restore and Peel Mask -
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Hope you like it! 

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