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15 February 2013

When i first got into natural and organic skincare and makeup I fell in love with the bareMinerals Mineral Veil and used it religiously even on no make up days! Naturally when I ran out I was pretty put out. Thing is it is pretty darn expensive (£20).

Now I think it is totally worth the price, but I still wanted to explore other finishing powders and see if I could find something just as good, maybe for less. Plus I love exploring new products and new brands.
So when christmas came round I eagerly anticipated a gift of finishing powder.

I chose Lily Lolo as they have a lot of amazing looking products that all are all on trend and young and fresh. Their prices aren't astronomical and they have a good selection.
They have three finishing powders to choose from which I think is pretty great range for a natural brand.

The Translucent Silk powder is super fine and light weight. It has a beautiful subtle shimmer to it that gives the finish a soft fresh glow to the skin. Being translucent it obviously doesn't affect the colour of your foundation but if you want a hint of subtle colour, Lily Lolo also provide a pigmented finishing powder, Flawless Silk.

I've been using this for a while and think it is really great. It doesn't quite match my love for bareMinerals Mineral Veil, but I think it is a great alternative. Lately though my skin has been a lot more oily than usual and I at first was disappointed because this powder wasn't lasting as long as usual. However, happily they do also provide a Flawless Matt finish powder specifically for oily combination skin, which at the moment I think would be more suitable for me with my skin.
But when my skin isn't playing havoc with me, the powder is suitably long lasting and holds my make up in place for a good eight hours without being cakey or powdery.

The powder blends in very nicely with my skin and the price is great and the packaging is clean and fresh and rather pretty I think! Plus the pots have an excelent twist and click seal to prevent spillage and germs - perfect for a clumsy germaphobe like me. 10/10 for package design!

I think if you are just getting into mineral, natural and organic makeup this is a great product to get started with. I can't actually fault it at all.

What do you think of natural Finishing powders, are they essential to your routine, like mine?


Mavs xxx


  1. I use Lilo Lolo mineral foundation and have used the Flawless Silk finishing powder. It gives a good glow on my cheeks, but I've found it can make my oilier areas look shiny. I've used the Flawless Matt as well (all tried in the sample size, but that's a bit too dry). At the moment, I'm doing without the finishing powder, using their mineral concealer and then my tone of foundation. This is working for me at the moment.

  2. I'm going to buy this finish powder:)



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