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4 January 2013

thisworks Clean Skin 5-in-1 water £21 200ml
Whenever I pop into Boots I have a pretty habitual routine of walking around the store in certain way, (which makes things really frustrating when things get changed around, i can tell you!) With my little system I can happily dodge all the stuff i'm not interested in (male related, babies etc) and hit the areas I really like with full force and enthusiasm. In this way I can spend all my energy on the make up and the hair care areas that really draw me in. First i scoop up all the essentials in a methodical and efficient manner and then I reach my 'lust-have' shelves and slip down a gear into a sweet slow cruise! I can spend many many hours perusing these shelves, with their pretty bottles and jars, clean white surfaces with pops of colour and their enticing 'try me signs'! But, I never buy anything from these areas, they just seem too special, i'll pick up the bottles and read the labels with wide eyes and oohh and aahs but never actually manage to pop them in my basket, let alone cart them off to the till!

Thisworks sits in one of these very areas that I love and I have so many times been tempted to buy any number of their products but never did until a few months ago. I was having a spontaneous day and thought 'yeah I'll have that', I literally charged to the till just so i wouldn't have time to change my mind. 

I'm glad I had that spontaneous day!

thisworks clean skin 5-in-1 water is a cooling and soothing rosewater cleanser for removing makeup and the daily buildup of junk in your skin. I find this cleanser to be lovely and gentle and ideal for my combination  to oily skin. After using it I feel like my skin is clean and refreshed without being tight or dry. Preferably i like to use this every other day as I feel too frequent a use makes my skin a little tight, but nothing major. I also find it's great to use before applying make up as you get a really clean surface to use. The only issue I have with this cleanser is that it is designed to be for make up removal and though it does an excellent job on my face, i can't use it for eye make up. Even when I am really careful to avoid my eye directly i still find the solution stings my eyes and leaves them quite uncomfortable. I've heard a lot of people say this about this water also, so that is certainly something to consider if you are thinking of trying it. 

Despite this I still thoroughly enjoy using it on my face and think it does a great job at balancing my oil levels, it smells lovely and lasts a good amount of time, i just wish it was more suited for eye make up.

Anyone else tried this and had the same results? 


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