Zk'in Hydrating Mist

10 July 2015

Facial sprays and hydrating mists are my 'it' thing at the moment and I'm obsessing over them all! I've previously reviewed another facial spray but I also want to share this other spray that I've also be loving!
This is the Zk'in Hydrating Mist* and it's totally taken my facial spray game up a notch! Before I was using sprays purely for hydration and to refresh my make up, but this one is designed and formulated to treat UV damage on your skin. With all the beautiful weather we have been having this has been amazing!

As I mentioned I having been really using this spray to the full and taking it further than just a facial spray. I've actually been using this a lot on my shoulders and arms when they have caught the sun! When I was at the Love Natural, Love Organic show last weekend I managed to catch the sun through walking around under the glass ceilings for hours! When I got home I spritzed myself all over and liberally used it on my shoulders and arms. It really helped soothe the redness and take it down and it certainly cooled the areas that were most effected. The spray is claimed to reduce redness by 50% in 2 hours due to the Organic fucoidan extract (Maritech Bright) and while I can't scientifically say 'yep it reduced it by half' it did definitely reduce the redness for sure! 

The leading ingredient in this spray is Aloe Vera which accounts for how cooling and soothing this spray is! This is followed by Lavander flower water and if you read my blog frequently you will know that I hate Lavander, luckily I don't actually think this smells like Lavander at all. I know other lovely people have reviewed this and found the Lavender scent quite dominant but I don't which is a relief for me, especially as I'm spraying it on my face! I don't think this smells quite as good as other sprays but it is still a pleasant scent!

As for the design and packaging, I can't decide if I think it's just right or not right at all! On one hand I love that the plastic bottle makes it really easy for transporting without me freaking out that it will smash and it also makes it light weight, for carrying around on a daily basis to use throughout the day. Plus the lid is super secure and the spray is excellent! It's a powerful wide spray that packs a punch and means i can easily apply to my larger areas such as my shoulders and arms! On the other hand I feel like for the price it is (£22.95 for 120ml) it could be a bit less 'practical' and a bit more luxe maybe, just to look prettier I guess, is that silly? However saying that with this formula you need to shake the bottle and it doesn't leak at all, something that was problem with other sprays I've been using!

This Hydrating Mist is 97.45% organic and is Australian Certified Organic- COSMOS Organic it is also free from parabens, palm oil, sulphates, petro chemicals etc.

The Zk'in Hydrating Mist is my first foray into Zk'in products and its great to start with a product that I've found really effective. Like other sprays this is quite expensive but I actually feel that they are worth it, especially this one as I feel like it has even more benefits than other sprays. I'm really sold on the UV treatment side of this spray. It's certainly coming on holiday with me!


  1. This sounds lovely, I love the mix of aloe vera & lavender, I bet it smells so nice! x

  2. Thanks for such a fabulous review Mavs! It's funny, I've never been a huge fan of lavender either but I adore the scent of the zk'in Hydrating Mist too!


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