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6 July 2015

So remember a while back I said I was going to try and get through all my samples? Well turns out it's a hella lot harder than I expected!

I've seriously barely made a dent on the darn things! What with some sachets lasting for 2 or more uses and some pots and tube going even longer, I feel like I've not really touched the mountain yet except for a few that I have managed to get through!
I've realised my biggest problem with sachets is that if they last longer than one use, then they are bleedin' annoying to try and preserve.  Lets just say I've built a healthy relationship with sellotape and air tight bags!

Here's a mini review of some samples and sachets I have managed to use up!

 Pai Camella & Rose Cleanser 

I've done a full post on this before which you can read here. In a nut shell I adore this product and it's a definite repurchase and recommend product!

 Santaverde Aloe Vera Creme 

This was quite nice, very soothing, I feel like it was more of a serum than a cream. Initially I felt it was a little tacky on my skin but it ended up sinking in quite well! This sachet lasted a good few uses and took a while to use up as I found I only need a little at a time.

 Evolve Perfect Radiance Facial Polish 

When I opened this I thought I would hate it, I actually loved it! It stinks though, to me it's like a mix of play dough and deep fried donuts. So gross. However, the way this made my skin feel was totally lush! Smooth and clean but still hydrated! The granules in this (i'm assuming from the acai pulp) buffed my skin without being harsh or too grainy! I would probably buy this full size as the results out weight the horrible scent!

 Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream 

Ahh I just love Urban Veda products, this purifying day cream was very lovely and moisturising, light but effective. The smell is very herbal and 'green' but I quite like that. Again this lasted me ages as there was quite a lot in the tube. I was sad to use this up!

 Weleda Skin Food 

Adore this product, but then who doesn't? It's so thick and creamy and really hydrating. Love putting this on my hands and my elbows. A little bit does the job so this sachet really lasted a while which I was quite happy about! Oh and the scent is like fruity herbal heaven. Love it.

 Blend Collective Hand Cream 

I'm fussy about hand creams and this for me is mislabelled- its not a cream at all, its more like a solid oil and I'm afraid it did not suit me at all. The formula just sat on top of my skin making my hands feel slick and oily. I didn't actually manage to finish this pot as I didn't get along with it at all.

 Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream 

To be honest I can't say much about this one as it didn't really make much of an impression on me. I think when I used this is was a case of whack it on and the slap on my makeup. So all I can really say is that it didn't make my makeup slide or effect how it applied. So that's good. I would definitely need a bigger sample to judge anything for this product.

So there's a mini round up on some sachets I've been testing out, just a note at this point in time I'm trucking through a lot more, this is just the first wave, so keep your eyes peeled for more mini reviews to come!

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  1. Isn't it so hard to get through samples?! Most contain a lot more than you would think. I really like Weleda Skin Food & I'd like to try something from Evolve one day!


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