Love Natural, Love Organic Show Haul!

8 July 2015

You are all probably well aware that the Love Natural, Love Organic Show happened last weekend and on the Saturday I headed over to Olympia for a day of exploring and shopping!

I was on bit of a spending limit so I had to choose wisely! Included in the show were food brands, home and lifestyle, beauty including hair and skincare. There were some absolutely gorgeous brands available but also some brands that I felt weren't genuinely 'green' or 'natural' too, and i felt there was lack of makeup brands present! But lets not linger on that, instead I thought I would share some of the goodies that I bought and received samples of!


There was a lot that I wanted to buy but as I said I was being a bit careful with my pennies. Firstly and not pictured I got my boyfriend a tube of Elements Shave Cream as I can't stand the crap he uses. Elements is a relatively new brand that I came across through and usually retails at £18. With the show discount I saved a whopping £8  and only paid £10 for it! Thrilled! He actually has already started using it and already says how much softer his skin feels using this over the regular rubbish!

Next, tucked away in a little stall at the back I came across Gift, I would have walked past it if it wasn't for all the fun knicker pictures hanging everywhere. I've been having a real nightmare trying to find a natural/green/eco brand of sanitary wear that I like and find effective so I was very intrigued by this brand. Gift pads and liners are all free from plastic, chlorine and animal products. They are also super flexible unlike a lot of natural towels which feel like cardboard! They are also infused with Toumaline and Far Infrared Rays to help with hormones, PH balance etc! I got a bargain bundle of 3 packs (mix and match type of liner/towel) for just £6! Massive bargain.

Finally, I purchased the MOA The Green Balm and Face Cloth set! I adore MOA The Green Balm, it is such an incredible all round product! I actually met the lovely designer of the new packaging and was blown away at how much better it looks now, really chic and modern. A huge improvement on their old packaging! I've never used their face cloths before so I couldn't resist the little tube of both Balm & the Cloth. Again I saved myself about £5 on this paying only £12 instead of the usually £17.50 ish.

And of course I got a whole bundle of different samples and sachets! More to add to my collection! I was really pleased to get some from Weleda and the team were super helpful explaining the new products launching and the White Mallow range that is perfect for sensitive skin and baby skin (ideal for my niece and nephew)!


Of course I couldn't miss out on the food, I had a wonderful time wandering around nibbling on all sorts of delectables and tucking into numerous flavoured falafels! I actually was really good and only spent my pennies on Nakd bars because I adore them so so much and never miss an opportunity to stock up especially if they are at a bargain price! I took full advantage and went for the £8 for 18 bars/nibble packets! Amazing discount! I didn't photo them all, just put a few in the photo above as I mean you don't really need to see all 18 that I bought! The rest of the goodies I was lucky enough to be gifted as samples and in the goodie bag from the bloggers meet up that I went to. So pleased to get a  new jar of coconut oil from The Coconut Merchant as I'm running low and the chips look delicious too! The blk. water is something I've been seeing everywhere for months now, its the new 'it' water so I'm interested to see how it tastes! 


Finally by far my most frivolous purchase was the Ecoegg! I have been longing for one of these /one for he similar makes for yonks! I saw that HealthNutNutrition had recently done a video on them and that really made up my mind to splash out! I say 'splash out' but this was only £20 and with the beads included and those given free as part of the event offer, it will last up to 4 years. That's 4 years of never having to buy laundry detergent or fabric softener again! I chose the Spring Blossom fragrance pink egg which is scented with natural essential oils! This is chemical free and only uses the power of bicarb and tourmaline! 
On top of this I got a whole heap of amazing info on organic gardening and the soil association etc!

Overall, I am thrilled with all my purchases and gifts and had such a wonderful day out checking out all the stalls and going o the talks, it was awesome to meet some lovely new bloggers and the wonderful organisers, Helen and Robbyn! I will definitely be going again!


  1. Some great picks!
    I was sorely tempted by the egg as well (I'm so domestic haha) but didn't go back for it in the end.
    I didn't see 'gift' at all, what a shame!
    I loved the look of the MOA stuff I wish I'd picked up a little trial pack or something as everyone raves about it.
    Rach xx

  2. Nice haul! I'd love to go to the show x

  3. I see by your photo you picked up a bottle of Stur to mix with your water. What flavor is it? I recently purchased the grape flavor and I don't really like the taste. Maybe the one you have is better. You'll have to let me know if the flavor is good.


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