Birthday Wishlist!

12 July 2015

I actually cannot believe that in a weeks time I will be 26! I certainly don't feel old enough to be at the age of 26! 
Last year I found the thought of being 25 just a bit crazy and was in a  bit of a funk about it, then I pulled myself together and realised, it really is just a number! This year I am genuinely really excited to be 26, I have so much wonderfulness in my life, I am so very blessed and I think my 26th year will bring even more. I have so much to look forward to!

On a more materialistic note I also have a lot of birthday spending money to look forward too! Birthday/ christmas money these days is really the only money I let myself spend on new products and makeup unless something is in the sale or i'm feeling naughty (both rare)!

So I've rustled up a little birthday wishlist, (I'm also still lusting after all the items on my previous Pay day wish list too, but this is a special Birthday edition)


I adore Inika products but never explored further than their foundation and eyeshadows. This lip liner in plum has really caught my eye as I'm really into wearing a slightly tinted balm lately and I think it's time to step it up to a bit of a bolder, stronger colour pop!


I see this every time I go into Boots and actually don't have a primer currently and you can never go wrong with a multi-purpose all in one product!


This is a foundation I have been coveting for so so long and alas it is always out of stock, it still is but I have hope that it will come back in stock on the UK site in the next few weeks! I have seen so many reviews of this and one of my fave Youtubers - Valerie Lee rates this highly (she also works at a 100% pure store so knows all the products inside out!)


I am obsessed with BB Creams and i'm addicted to the REN one but I think it is time to explore another brand and Lily Lolo always produce great quality products so out of the dozen or so BB/CC/DD Creams I've got my eye on (Pacifica, Jane Iredale, Green Poeple, Ila, Juice Beauty, Balance Me …) I'm going to give this one a try!


Mascara is my all time must have and I get through it by the bucket (tube) load. But Blackberry pigmented mascara now that is something special. Need I say more?


Ah Kjaer Weis, one of my most lusted over brands and one always so very far out of my price range! Time to splash out a bit on one of their dreamy eyeshadows! This champagne shade called Cloud Nine is understated and gorgeous! I'm a neutral eye girl all the way!

So, what do you think of my picks? If you think any of these products are great/naff lemme know!


  1. Such a lovely wishlist, I'm so intrigued by 100% Pure, I still haven't tried anything from them. I'd love to get their mascara and new maracuja foundation. xx
    ps. I'm turning 26 this year too and I agree, age is just a number ;-)

  2. I agree - age is just a number and it all depends on how you feel inside :) I really want to try the Lili Lolo BB cream as I've heard a lot of good things about it. I hope you enjoyed your day and happy shopping :))

    Ewelina xx
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