DGJ Organics Hangover Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

1 February 2015

Now here's something shocking, a Lavender based product that I actually like! If you've been following this blog for a while you'll know that I really am not keen on Lavender as a scent. I actually have loads of products with the scent and ingredient in but tend to shy away from them.

I was kindly given these DGJ Organics Hangover Hair Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner* as samples to try and thought 'ah shit- Lavender, again!' I was excited to try the brand DGJ Organics as it was completely new to me, but the scent just put me off. However, a while back I bulk bought some shampoo and conditioner that were a complete disaster and I just cannot use, so I turned to these.

First and foremost, they really aren't that Lavender-y, they smell strongly but its not sickeningly overpoweringly Lavender (i'm not good at describing here things)! which if you love lavender you may be disappointed with but if you are like me then it's great! 

Of the two I really really like the shampoo! My hair gets rough treatment, I barely do anything to it, I wash it once a week and rarely brush it or style it, I just tie it up in a top knot near on every day! Basically I just ignore it and don't really care for it at all. And I can get away with it because of this shampoo. It's effective enough to keep my hair fresh for nearly a whole week and it makes it so so shiny and glossy! Whenever I wash it it is smooth and untangled and really easy to dry!

There's only Sodium -coco-sulphate in this formula so obviously it doesn't foam a great deal but you still do get a little lather and it's easy to work in, the formula isn't as thin as standard natural shampoos, and easy to wash out with no residue or need for double washing! The main thing I love about this product is how effective it is at cleaning my hair while not stripping my hair or my scalp. I think my scalp is a lot less dry and less inflamed when I use this compared to other shampoos. I reckon it must be the essential oils and other ingredients ( Lavender, honey, wheat germ) that are packed into this formula.

The conditioner is also great but I use it a lot less purely because I tend to avoid conditioning my hair, i'll only condition it every now and then, because my hair just doesn't need it. When I do condition I use the smallest amount of this right on the very ends and let it sit for a couple of minutes. After that my hair is ridiculously smooth and silky! And like with the shampoo it is so mega glossy! They suggest using it as a treatment for 10+ minutes but I can't imagine needing it to stay on that long.

The best things about these products is that neither strips the colour out of my dyed hair and also I've found that using these in combination with each other while I've been growing my hair out has really helped with the prevention of split ends! Obviously I have some split ends but not anywhere near the amount that I have experienced in the past even after my hair has been both bleached (with highlights) and dyed. 

The only downside is that I find my hair is so relaxed that I lose a little bit of my curl and my hair can tend to get a tad more static and flyaway the first few days after a wash.

(DJG Organics, Hangover Hair Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml*- £5.99 each.)


  1. These look really nice and they are a great price point, I will have to look into them :-)
    Rach xx

  2. I use the everyday melon one. My hair gets quite greasy so normally I wash it every other day. With this shampoo, I can go to every three days. I think it's brill. The conditioner is fine but didn't blow me away like the shampoo. Melon scent is pleasant, not over powering.

  3. Mixed feelings about the DGJ shampoo & conditioners, didn't work out for me as well as my Odylique but I do like the price point and they are easily available at Waitrose :)

    1. Yes I like how available they are too! I've been thinking about the Odylique products, any that you would suggest I try? xx

  4. Good shampoo and conditioners both performance wise and price wise and also easily available in Waitrose.
    organic shampoo and conditioner review


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