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28 January 2015

I've reviewed this Lavera foundation before on this blog, but seeing as I've been using it for perhaps 2 years now I thought it would be a good time to write about it again!

I love this foundation completely. It's a great option for liquid foundation when you are first starting out experimenting in the 'natural' 'green' 'clean' beauty world. It's very affordable and easily available from a whole bunch of sites which is why i was drawn to it in the first place. Highstreet prices have always been more attainable to me than the higher end products.

I actually think the formula may have changed since I first used it but I never kept the packaging so we will never know! However I haven't found any change in quality so if it has changed it hasn't been a negative thing. The formula is very light and very smooth. It is definitely on the lighter end of coverage but it's pretty build-able. I find it really evens out my skin tone, hides most blemishes and still looks natural and shows some of my natural skin texture through. If you want it heavier, that's easily done with a second 'coat' and it blends like a dream. A 5 pence piece sized amount does my whole face and down my neck with medium coverage- but I do have a small face!

As for the colour, I have to say if I didn't have the skin tone that I do then this probably wouldn't be so great for me. I actually use what used to be the lightest shade in the range - 01 Porcelain. This name has actually now been changed to Ivory Light 01, and they have had a change in colours since I re purchased a few months back. I think it is to accommodate more skin tones because this one has a gentle warm yellow undertone to it, perfect for my skin but I can't see it being very good for paler or pinker tones. I can see that they have now developed some paler more pinker shades to fit with those skin tones. After this bottle runs out I'll have to try and re-find my shade - oh darn, more make-up shopping, life is hard teehehe.

On first application this does look like it is going to be streaky but it actually blends and smooths out wonderfully. Like a lot of natural foundations that I've used I find it initially has a startling chalky white finish to it as you first apply but this quickly blends to your skin tone, I guess as the foundation oxides and the result is a lovely dewy non streaky coverage.

I've used this with many brushes and sponges and my hands etc but my brush of choice is always the Skin Perfecting Brush from Ecotools. Together they are a dream team!

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  1. That foundation really suits you and I love those EcoTools brushes aswell!


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