OXYGEN Purifying Honey Masque

4 January 2015

I'm not very good at treating myself and self pampering really,  but a face mask is something that I do like to indulge in!
My current face mask of the moment has got to be this little delight. This is the OXYGEN 'Purifying Honey Masque' (spot the typo on the labelling!) and it is perfect for my skin.

Over the past year or so I have collected a few of these sample sizes from various beauty boxes and often dipped in and out of using the mask. Lately though I've been using it a lot and really enjoying it.

The texture of this mask is like nothing I've tried before and I've never found another mask with a textured formula like it. It's like a very thin wet gel, quite fluid and completely clear (colourless). It goes on easily and is really quite slippery but soon becomes tacky as it dries. I actually don't find the texture of the formula unpleasant, it is just odd and can take  bit of getting used too especially if you are more of a thick clay mask user.

The smell it has to be said is disgusting. I'm not going to lie and say 'it's not that bad' but it is pretty gross. It has a fair hint of earthy honey scent to it, but there's something more than that, that I genuinely can't pin down and quite frankly is rather unpleasant. However, not unpleasant enough to not use it, as luckily the scent fades fair rapidly (either that or I get used to it quickly) which is a blessing as you know, its on your face and close to your nose! 

As I said despite the smell it is well worth using, the formula and ingredients (including Nelson's Manuka honey, aloe vera juice and organic apple and cucumber extracts) make my skin feel so super soft even after a quick 10 minute mask. Leaving it on longer is so hydrating for my skin, it just feels amazing the next day (i like to use this in the evening before bed and don't use any moisturiser after)! There is no dryness or tightness as a result of this mask which is ideal and I don't experience any excess oil production either, all of which I find common results of other masks I've tried, especially for clay masks. 

Personally I think that this mask has been helping me with the dark marks and pigmentation that I get after having a mega spot, which I believe is down to the power of the Manuka Honey, but that could just be me and wishful thinking! But this for sure helps soothe and moisturise my skin when it needs a boost!

*!* The only down side- the use of the ingredient Phenoxyethanol which is used to as a preservative and anti-bacterial stabiliser. It's used as an alternative to parabens but despite being classed as low- moderate risk by EWG there is some 'umming and aahhing' about it's safety and as an irritant, (it IS banned by both ECOCERT and Soil Association) currently I'm still using the mask as I want to do more research on this ingredient but I would rather this masque didn't have it as an ingredient from what I understand so far but,- the jury is out...

(Also I just can't get over the typo in the name 'purif-I-ying' ha, i looked on their site and they type it correctly but the labels still have the typo! I wonder if they have noticed this...)

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