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26 January 2015

Here's a product that has taken me months and months to review, simply because its taken me months and months to appreciate it and figure out the best way to use it for my hair.

At first this Yarok Leave in Conditioner was never something I reached for. When I first tried using it I sprayed it way too liberally over my whole head and as you can imagine I just ended up with a bit of a greasy mop. After a while I realised to be a lot lighter handed with it as a little spray goes a long way.

The best method for me is 2 to 3 sprays all at the lower lengths of my hair. I find it's better now that my hair is longer again. I also find this spray is best suited when sprayed to my wet hair and then combed through with my wooden comb to help evenly distribute it. On dry hair I find it can leave my hair with a sticky residue and clumpy. 

Lately I have been really reaching for this spray before drying my hair. Due to the cold weather i can't let my hair dry naturally these days and have been relying on my hairdryer a lot. Not only does this dry out my hair but I also feel that the central heating is not only drying out my skin but also my hair too. Traditional wash in and wash out conditioners are too heavy for my hair as it just doesn't need that extensive moisturising, however it does need that little hydrating boost, which i where their leave in conditioner proves its worth.

I love how quick it is, spray 1,2,3, comb, comb, done. For someone who barely does a thing with their hair, this is a brilliant product to have for quick and easy use. I know it will protect my hair from the heat and I like how shiny it leaves my hair afterwards, I actually think it's helped maintain the glossiness I got from dying my hair (i just love the shine you get from freshly dyed hair!) It leaves my hair tangle free and silky, without being so silky that you can't style or maintain a style after. 

As for the formula it is ridiculously clean, i love how pure it is. Truly 100% natural. A rare find. Plus it smells divine.

I've currently go the small 2oz bottle from a beauty box, and despite that it is eye-wateringly pricey, I think I'll be saving for the largest 8oz once this is gone.


  1. I'd like to try this as normal conditioners are often too moisturising for my hair & I've gotten on well with other Yarok products!

  2. This sounds wonderful! I'm low maintenance with my hair as well but have been looking for a product like this.


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