IRIS Aromer Diffuser

21 January 2015

Strictly speaking this isn't really beauty related but I wanted to share with you my latest obsession anyway!

This, my friends, is the answer to all your scent issues, if like me you are A) Hyper sensitive to scent (smell everything and everything strongly!) B) you are very particular about the scents you like and C) you hate the thought of inhaling fake chemical laden nasties from traditional scenters, fragrances, candles, plugins etc etc!

I've been lusting after a diffuser for a long time and a few times nearly just jumped in and bought a cheap one but I held out for Christmas and after a whole load of research settled on this IRIS Aromer Diffuser* as a gift from my lovely mother. I chose it because it has so many great features that just work with my picky, particular-ness!  

This diffuser has several settings and functions. There are two mist volume settings: gentle and rapid, two timer settings: constant and intermittant 30 second intervals (on/off) and three light functions: off, constant colour of your choice or multi changing effect. I love the choice this gives you, my favourite combination is the have the multi-lights changing with the intermittent setting (30 sec ons, 30 secs off) on the gentle mist- just perfect!

What I love most about this is how easy it is. You just fill it with water drop in 5-6 drops of your chosen essential oil, put the glass lid on and choose your settings! No fuss, no muss! Its perfect for me as i don't have to worry about any candles burning in my room and I can leave the room without ever needing to worry about it being left on. If it runs out of water it automatically turns itself off! Simple!

Other great benefits form this being electronic and not an oil burner is that it uses Ultrasonic technology, so there is no oil degradation (remember to always use a natural, good quality oil), no altering of the scent and no hot surfaces! It uses minimal energy and it's pretty quiet. It does hum a bit but it becomes just soothing white noise to me and I like the odd little 'plink' of water that sometimes you can hear.

The scent in your room is controllable, and both settings give instant scent and little need to ever top up the oil.

And lastly it is also great as a humidifier without oils for when you sleep at night, which has been just lovely for my skin and of course it is even an ionised so not only does your air smell good but its also gets nicely purified and some research indicates that ionisers may help people with sleep and allergies (i can't say i've noticed an effect on any of these)

These are easily available, I got mine from Amazon and they come in a whole variety of colours, material, shapes, sizes and designs. I just happened to like this one. As I said this was a gift at Christmas, but would it be worth the price? Well as much as I love it, I do think it is a little over priced but there are cheaper alternatives out there which will probably be just as good!

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