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17 January 2015


Sometimes when it comes to skincare you need a little bit of mechanical intervention! I have to admit that in the past few months my eating habits have been pretty shocking and this 100% effects my skin and my regular cleansing routine just wasn't quite cutting it! Very luckily for me I was gifted this amazing Silk'n SonicCleanPlus Cleansing Power Brush* a few months back to give a whirl!

Now I've never actually sued one of these before. The hype kinda passed over me due to the pricing, I'll admit, but this never stopped my desiring one, so obviously I was pleased as punch to test this out! As I said it was few months back now and I feel like I've had  a good run with it to give it a proper review!

I'm not afraid to admit right out that despite my curiosity this actually kinda scared me a bit. I charged it up (which didn't take long) and looked at this loud buzzing, vibrating machine (context!) and thought 'that's going on my faaace? Aaah hell no!' However after calming myself with some reviews online and reading the instructions back to back, I took the plunge!

So is it scary…? Um no, its actually pretty great! The brush is much softer and more gentle than I expected. It took me a while to get into the groove of using it, they said you can use it with just water but I found that best results were obviously with a cleanser. Foamy cleansers (no SLS mind!) are the best for me. I've now got into a routine with it and find using it for about 10 minutes on a lazy sunday evening works a charm for my skin.

At first I was worried about that 'purge' stage people always talk about but even when I was using this twice a week I didn't ever get a purge of spots at all, just my skin produced a little more oil by the next morning, but that settled down when I figured out the best settings for my skin. I use the first setting, a gentle constant vibration on the more delicate areas like my cheeks and temples, using an upward circling motion and then hit put he 2nd setting which is a much stronger vibration and get to work on  my blackhead prone areas like my chin and jawline! As for the two pulsing settings I haven't totally figured those out yet…I sometimes use the short pulse setting as an occasional added way to tackle that damn dry skin on my nose but other than that I'm still exploring those settings.

Overall I like this brush so much more than I expected and feel like its really helped my skin be much fresher in the mornings and I don't mind the little bit of extra time you have to spend on using it. It's pretty quick to charge and actually the charge lasts ages and it's water proof and cordless which is ideal for my ridiculously designed-to-never-ever-ever-dry-out bathroom!

Yes it's expensive (and as i said i was lucky enough to be gifted this as a sample) but if it broke it would be something I would save to buy again (because what else would i do on my sunday evenings! ha)

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  1. I bought a Clarisonic a couple of years ago and it was just horrendous! At first, my skin seemed to love it, but soon it made my skin start breaking out loads and it got super dry, even when I cut down to using it just once a week and with different types of cleanser. That whole experience really put me off any brushes like this, but your review just shows how differently people react to products! Great review!



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