AD Skin Synergy ~ Nourishing Night Treatment

16 February 2015

AD Skin Synergy is not a brand that I am overly familiar and when I came across this little sample of Nourishing Night Treatment in my sample stash I didn't think much more than 'oh that's been mentioned in the TUNBB & TGBB, i'll try that'. 

I popped it on my face after my daily cleanse and got down to some serious New Girl catch up. I didn't really think much of it when putting it on, just 'this feels and smells nice' sort of thing, glanced over the ingredients (sweet almond, jojoba, rose hip, grapeseed, coconut oil, jasmine, ylangylang -the usual suspects) thought 'yeah all familiar there', and I was pleased to find that it really sunk in quickly and easily.

Things changed a bit when I dragged myself to the bathroom a few hours later, my skin actually looked visibly plumped and fresh and dewy- not oily or greasy- just 'glowy'. This surprised me because i'm actually a massive skeptic of 'results in minutes' products, but hey here was something I couldn't deny. 
In the morning my skin was certainly more hydrated and softer and I'm noticing my skin getting softer the more I use it. 

I have to admit I did get a little overzealous after I saw how great this could work (I do this far too often with new products but never learn), and put on way too much too often and this did cause me to break out in areas like round the curl of my nostrils where the product collected, so this is definitely an 'easy does it' product as it is super rich. 

I've actually been trying this out a little directly on my lips, not for plumpness but for the hydration and I like how, unlike balms, it sinks in rather than sitting on my lips.

As I said this is a tiny 5ml sample size but as you can see i've hardly got through much of it (maybe 1/6th) even though I use it every, to every other night. As much as I love this I probably wouldn't purchase the full size as the price of the full sized 50ml bottle is a whopping £38! For me that is just a little too high a price, I know it would last a long time but still. Perhaps if this was certified organic (most of the ingredients are organic but as a whole the product isn't) might justify it. But for now it really would definitely be a luxury, once in a blue moon buy.

However, this product has now certainly put AD Skin Synergy as a brand firmly on my radar!

TUNBB = The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible
TGBB = The Green Beauty Bible
(Both AAAHHMAZING books fyi!)


  1. I really enjoyed this sample too, but there are other more affordable oils that work as well as this x

  2. This sounds perfect for winter skin. It sounds so lovely and hydrating :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. I got a sample of this from Ria ages ago and only just got round to trying it the other day. I used it overnight but I'll definitely try it again in the morning & hope I get the same glowiness as you :)


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