Payday Wishlist!

18 February 2015

It's been ages since I've done a wish list! Despite the fact that a month or so ago I had a bit of a beauty haul, i've got the shopping bug and going all Oliver Twist for makeup! Thankfully it's payday at the end of the month and I feel like a few 'treats' are in order! Take a look and see what you think of my picks!

 1.   Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation 

This is a new must have item for me after spotting it on lovely Ashtynne's blog, Green Beauty Babe. Ashtynne did an amazing thorough review of it and I knew that I had to give this foundation a go! 
The formula just sounds amazing, revolutionary in fact. It's a serum and foundation that goes from a serum to a powder finish! The foundation is also organic and i can't see any ingredients that cause me any real hesitation at all!

 2.   Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette 

Do I really need to explain my desire for this? Who hasn't been wanting to get their mitts on this! Not only did I kick myself for not getting it when it first came out but I also had to suffer total envy watching it pop up on all my favourite blogs! The real pull of this is obviously the glorious taupe, nude, natural gorgeous tones and shades but mostly the fact that this is wonderfully talc free. Talc in natural makeup is such a big bug bear for me- i know some people don't mind it, but I do and it limits my choices when using products and brands time and time again! So well done Lily Lolo you've aced again!

 3.   100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette 

Yes, another palette, but just look at this beauty! Plus the range of colours and shades are very different from the Lily Lolo palette. This one has much warmer, peachy, pinky orange tones that I don't seem to find in many other palettes. If I could buy everything from 100% Pure I would. Simple as that. 

 4.   Christopher Drummond Beauty Duo-Phase Hydrating Concealer 

I've been seeing lovely things about Christopher Drummond Beauty pop up everywhere and it came firmly on my radar as a great brand to try. This concealer is another product that I fell for after reading a great review by the lovely Ria from Naturia Beauty. I'm really lacking a decent natural concealer and lately been finding i'm in some serious need of one! After Ria's glowing review and the fact that it is now a makeup staple for her I thought this is a must try!

Now, roll on payday so I can get some shopping done! 

Have you lovelies tried any of the products?


  1. I love my (enchanted eyes) Lily Lolo palette and the CD concealer, it is indeed a staple make up item for me. I've tried various 100% pure products and never got on with their pressed items but I seem to be the only one! haha!
    Rach x

  2. I love the Laid Bare palette! The Christopher Drummond concealer has jumped to the top of my wish list recently too :)

  3. Laid Bare pallete is beautiful, I love using it! xx

  4. I'm also eyeing actually all of these, except for the 100% Pure palette which I've tried.

  5. Christopher Drummond concealer is the bees knees :)


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