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20 April 2015

I don't often write reviews on products that I don't like or didn't 'get along' with as often I know that it is simply because they don't suit my skin type or hair type etc rather than them purely being 'bad' products. However, every now and then I come across something that just really disappoints me as it just doesn't do what it states or I just find it pretty flawed in its design etc.

 Yes to Cucumbers Colour Protection Shampoo 

I love Yes to products and when I saw this huge bottle of their shampoo included in the Holland & Barrett Buy One Get One Half Price offer (I also got the conditioner) I was thrilled! I'd just newly dyed my hair so thought it would be ideal. Wrong! It did not work for me at all! It actually stripped the colour from my hair! For the first wash and even the second, I thought 'ok my hair is freshly dyed so it's to be expected.' However this stripped the dye from my hair every single wash (the first time the water looked like cola!), even after 4+ weeks of washing! This is not what I would expect from a 'colour protect' shampoo! After using this shampoo my hair feels dry, tangly and over cleansed and I have to use a lot of conditioner to fix it, something I never usually have to do. I had to stop using this as it completely ruined the colour in my hair and I didn't like the cleansing results either! Even my hands felt a little stripped after washing my hair with this. Such a shame. All I can say is that it smells nice and has come in handy as  makeup brush cleaner! So it has some use.

 Nourish Argan & Kale Anti-Ageing Hand Cream 
Unlike the Yes to shampoo, this isn't a complete disaster product for me, it just is something that I wouldn't want to recommend or is something I would purchase. 
The main problem of this hand cream for me is that it leaves a very unpleasant residue on your hands after using it, even with the smallest amount. I feel like no matter how much I rub it in, I'm left at first  with a tacky film over my skin which then almost breaks down into a chalky but at the same time greasy layer. And on top of that my hands do not feel nourished or hydrated or moisturised or any other term you can come up with for less dry hands! Like I said, it's not a disaster, the smell again is 'nice' and the formula is lovely as you are applying it- just not afterwards! In all fairness I can't comment on the anti-aging benefits, you'd really have to have long term use of this to tell the difference and results. Overall a bit of a dud product for me.

 EcoTools Foam Applicator Brush 

I remember when I first got this I was so so excited! I was really seriously intrigued by this applicator and I couldn't wait to try it out. Sadly I very quickly realised it was not the tool for me. I just don't 'get it'! I've tried it with just about every foundation I have, water based, cream, mousse, BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturiser - the works! I've tried it damp, wet and dry and always disliked the results! I even YouTubed reviews to see if there was a technique to it that would help. Uhuh. This brush just seems to swallow up any foundation you have and then thinly streak/dab it on your face and I didn't find either the curved or the flat surface even slightly advantages for application. Cleaning is also a nightmare, it's very hard to clean out product from it properly and avoid getting water into the ferule. The sponge stained very easily (which i know happens with beauty blenders too, so doesn't bother me much) and the tip of mine ended up drying out and now is cracked and breaks down into a fine powder despite washing and drying it carefully. I keep it because I think it looks funky amongst all my regular brushes. 

 SmileGlow Whitener Toothpaste 

I'm not going to sugar coat it, this is without doubt the most disgusting tasting and feeling toothpaste I have ever tried! Unfortunately it was also one of my Buy One Get One Half Price purchases (apparently not my most successful shopping trip, at the time I really thought I was on to a winner!) so I am stuck with two almost completely full tubes of vile toothpaste. The main problem lies in the fact that there is so much baking powder in this paste that you can taste it and keep tasting it long after you have brushed. It not only lingers but it also steals all other taste from your mouth and also dries it out. The meagre added flavour of peppermint is a hint at best and fades almost on contact with your teeth, leaving more place for the hideousness of the baking powder. Does it clean my teeth? Sure but it feels and tastes horrendous and I honestly would rush brushing my teeth so I never felt they were fully clean and then would literally be scraping my tongue with water and a clean toothbrush to rid myself of it. Suffice it to say I'm sticking to my trusty Jason Powersmile toothpaste. 

So there you go, I feel bad for sharing such negative reviews on my blog, but these were so bad for me I felt it really was only right that I also share that as well as positive reviews of products on here.

Do you have any products that have disappointed you? Or have you tried any of these and feel differently?


  1. Oh what a shame about that Yes to shampoo ! I am using the bodywash in the similar range and really like it! x

  2. The shampoo sounds pretty terrible! I find a stippling brush is best for applying liquid foundations, but I'm trying to switch to powder foundation; I just find the coverage is so light and un-buildable! xxx
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