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5 April 2015

I used to be such a lip balm addict, nothing would please me more than a brand new lip balm, but in the past year or so they seem to have fallen a little out of favour with me. Now I hold my hands up and admit I have a terrible lip biting problem, I really struggled with it so balms are my go to to help try and prevent me making a mess of my lips (which happens a lot!)

In the past few months I've really been embracing lip balms again and I've been rediscovering all my old favourites! Working through my huge stash has really brought up some gems, some new and some past favourites that all stick out as the top balms!

 EOS // Strawberry Sorbet 

Now we have all heard of and adored EOS balms, they were one of my first ever 'natural' product purchases and I still have so much love for them! Out of all the flavours, of which I have tried many, this Strawberry Sorbet has really hit the big time. I usually hate fake strawberry flavours, but this is both delicious and seriously nourishing! I adore the design of the balm and the formula is smooth and completely none greasy! My lips remain nice and matt when using this.

 Manuka Doctor // ApiNourish Lip Ease Balm 

This is the balm I always reach for when my lips are in a bad way. The power of peppermint and zinc really give a refreshing tingly boost to the lips and helps with the healing process. The apiNourish formula includes Manuka Honey and Purified Bee Venom, that both moisturise and give my lips a little bit of a boost! The plumping effect helps lessen the appearance of unsightly cracks and dryness. This one is slightly greasier in texture and gives a nice slight gloss to the lips on application.

 BalmBalm // Tea Tree Lip Balm 

This is another great balm, I've actually done a post on this before and it goes to show that even years later it's still a firm favourite. This balm is especially good for helping recover mangled lips too, the tea tree has great anti-baterial properties so it helps stopped chapped and cracked lisp getting infected. The Shea butter provides great hydration. The only let down for me is the pot, I'd prefer it to be in a tube for easier application. However, this balm can be used as an all-purpose balm to  treat dry skin, spots and more! Super handy!

 Herbfarmacy // Marshmallow & Vanilla Lip Conditioner 

Another balm that I have blogged about before. I find myself reaching for this regularly, its soothing, nourishing (and tasty!) and smells fabulous. I find it a very gentle but effective balm that I don't have to reapply too often, but which doesn't sit on my lips like a barrier. Of all the balms I think this one has the longest lasting effect for my lips.

 Dr Bronner's Magic All-In-One Naked Lip Balm 

Like with EOS I seem to have collected all the flavours of this balm, but the original 'naked' unflavoured version is my go to for lip treatment. I find this crazily nourishing, sometimes even too the point where I think my lips maybe are a little too greasy, but it is sooo soothing and hydrating, I love it! This is superb over a lip colour as it provides deep moisturisation and a lovely glossy effect on the lips. Price-wise this is also the most reasonable!

Do you have any lip balm favourites? Would love to discover more for my ever goring collection!


  1. Such cute photos:) I really like Herbfarmacy lip balm too :) xx

  2. I'd love to try the ones from Manuka Doctor, BalmBalm, and Herbfarmacy.

  3. I really love the peppermint version from Dr. Bronner's, but I think I've found a new love in Badger's vanilla bean cocoa butter lip balm! xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, and everyday life


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