Little Ondine Water Based Nail Polish

8 April 2015

I'm always on the look out for 3-Free and 5-Free nail polish brands and when I saw and heard about Little Ondine as a brand, I knew I had to try them out! 

What sets these polishes apart is that they are made from the barest of ingredients, and claim to be natural and chemical free, made only of water, 'resin' and mineral pigments. Not only that, but they are odour free and they peel off!
Now when the website says 'resin' and 'chemical free' we should take a moment and clarify. Other than water (Aqua), the formula is made up of:

Polyurethane-35, Acrylic, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Sodium Laureth-12 sulfate, Titanium Dioxide. (May Contain [+/-] Mica, CI 77891, CI12490, CI 13015, CI 27755, CI 69800.)

So while not 'chemical free' (water itself is a chemical, but I see what they are trying to say) these ingredients aren't actually too scary (not perfect but neither are any of the other 3/5 free polishes out there)!

I bought 4 polishes from the range, the Base/Top Coat (Secret/LT),  a white iridescent shimmer (Second Wish/L019) a bold glitter (Pop Rocks/L028) and a solid colour (Peach Crumble/L065).

All of the polishes feel thicker than a regular polish but they apply amazingly easily! The polish glides onto the nail and and doesn't drag or streak at all. The end result is a wonderful glossy finish, especially for the solid colour. To get an opaque finish with the Peach Crumble it took 2 coats with a third to really give it a good bright and bold finish with a true colour match as to how it appears in the bottle. The top/base coat makes it have an even glossier finish. I have never had a polish that applies and dries quickly and so smoothly and perfectly!
The thicker formula also means for the glitter you get a great amount of glitter with only a few coats. For the swatches I popped both the glitter Pop Rocks and the Second Wish polishes over a white base to make them stand out a little easier.

As for being odour free, its amazing, they genuinely have little to no scent, not even a hint of that awful polish smell! And do they peel off easily? Yes they do, it is brilliant. On my first application I was too sloppy and painted a little too far over my nail so where it was on my skin it peeled and that peeled it off my nail. But once I realised my mistake (and read the instructions more clearly) I got the hang of it and the trick is to have very clean nails and to make sure you avoid the nail beds. This way the polish stays on your nails for a good amount of time, almost 5 days and I didn't experience any chipping or flaking in that time. When I'm done with my polish I just work it loose at the sides and peel off in one go! No residue or damage to the nails left behind either!

The packaging is just gorgeous, they come in individual rustic little boxes that fold over the top of the polish in the most unique way, so quirky and adds to the charm of the polishes. They have an incredible range of colours and textures from opaques to shimmers and glitters and even have Duo sets.
Prices range from £7 - £9 depending on your polish choice and they come with a free nail file!

You can get them online at and I even noticed them on cutecosmetics!

What do you think of this more natural nail polish brand?


  1. I'm seeing this brand pop up on Twitter, I need to check them out :)

  2. These look gorgeous- and so many colours to choose from!
    The formula also sounds interesting. I'm impressed that they don't smell nail-polish-y.

    1. I was so impressed with the range of colours too, and so many different textures etc too! The glitters are incredible!

  3. Ooh these look beautiful! :) xx

  4. I got one the other day and I think it's so freaking cool that is just peels off! It's amazing!

    1. Yeah they are great aren't they perfect if you've done your nails at the weekend then need to quickly remove for Monday at work! xx

  5. Hi! Can you remember what source you used when you found the ingredients to the nail polish? I am doing a project about "health friendly" nail polishes and have been looking for this information but can only find it here. I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you!


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