Pacifica Stella Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara

1 May 2015

I have a real love/hate relationship with this mascara! Ever since I have had it I've gone from one extreme to the other! 
When I first tried it out I really didn't like it and promptly forgot about it for a month or so then at some point I picked it up again and just loved it! It became my everyday staple until one morning I found myself seriously frustrated with it and again it was ignored for a while. This pattern has reoccured several times and I've finally come to the conclusion that it's not the formula that is the problem, it's the brush!

The brush is just so damn huge, especially in proportion to the rest of the tube! The tube itself is 7.5ml and probably the shortest tube of mascara I own, this results in the length of the wand being super short and the brush head itself is ginormous! Honestly, it's like the size of my whole eye. I'm a bit of a whack it on and go kind of girl when it comes to mascara, I have pretty bold lashes so I've never needed or been bothered to be doing any of this fancy blinky blink, ziggy zaggy application technique stuff. Couple of coats wiped on from root to tip, bop done. This oversized brush makes this really hard to do, I find I actually have to work on the application and doing lower lashes just gets messy. In fact I find it really messy on my top lashes too and it's always going on my upper eyelid. Not cool.

However, despite the gargantuan proportions of the brush and the fact that I find the bristles too tightly packed, I actually really like the formula! It's a very true black (colour is Supernova), dark and bold which is great! It coats my lashes well and up until now when its started drying out it is pretty much clump free! Like I mentioned, I find the bristles of the brush too densely packed so it doesn't fan my lashes out as much as I would like but the thick application actually works out very nicely at the base of the lashes creating a thick bold layer that really emphasises the lashes and eye shape a little like the effect of kohling your upper water line. Lots of volume and good lengthening!

The formula is non-flakey and lasts well on the lashes and while not waterproof it holds very well, while still being easy to remove with makeup removers and cleansers. It's quite gentle on the eyes and I have't had any sensitivity form this at all.

This mascara has lasted quite a while and has only just started drying out after a few months, towards the end now it is quite gloomy and makes a mess of the bottle but it is at the end of its use by life so I think that is to be expected.

Something else that is positive to note is that it doesn't have a nasty smell, which is an odds thing to point out about a mascara, but it really doesn't smell at all!

Available at Wholefoods and Lucyrose.


  1. I really like this mascara BUT my tube/wand got stuck in the lid and now it's just black everywhere! I don't like how short the tube is either, I *think* they might have changed it as at the Natural products show a couple of weeks ago the tube seemed thinner and longer but not sure if that's the one you have already or not! Other than that, I really like the formula - shame about the packaging!

    1. Oh no! Really, gosh hope that doesn't happen to mine! i hope you are right, i definitely ave the short tube! you were so lucky to go to the show are you going to the Love Natural Love Organic show in July? Id love to meet up with as many of you guys as possible would be awesome to get together! xxx

  2. I was going to review this months ago but kept changing my mind about it too. Totally agree with everything you've said, that brush is one of the most frustrating things! The number of times I've ended up with more mascara on my eyelid than my lashes haha! x


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