Super Sample Challenge

31 May 2015

Random little Sunday post as today has been very productive and I've decided that June needs to be my month of de-cluttering and using up all those little samples and sachets that just sit around!

Now I've promised myself I would do this many times over, but this time I'm getting serious! I've cleared a space on my desk/makeup station and whipped out my favourite heart shaped bowls and stuffed them with all the sachets and mini pots I could find that are still good to use! One bowl is for watches and the other the little pots and tubs that I have. It's a real mix bag of products and each day I'm going to lucky dip a sachet to use and every few days a little pot. My aim is that by the end of each week I'll have 7 or so products that I've got through and can do a first impression type of review on.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I love to receive samples too. A good way to try new products.

  2. I set myself the same challenge a few weeks ago and manage to use up a fair few samples :D

  3. Good luck! I need to do this but I worry that when I try out so many new products each time, I either will have a breakout or not know which products are working well. I definitely need to get through some of my sample stash though!

  4. Good idea I also have a sample stash that needs to be put to the test! Not as big as yours though. Let us know which ones are worth a purchase.


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