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22 July 2017

Highlighter is another one of the trends everyone in the beauty world is obsessed over lately. For me it's another trend I'm happy is sticking around. I have loved highlighter since my uni days (we're talking a good 7-8 years ago folks!) when I first discovered it. I cringe at the thought of this now but I had a highlighter palette from Primark back in the day when they were first dabbling in makeup. It was a bright pink square palette with 5 stripes of varying white to pink and bronze highlight shades. The pigment was strong and being a 19 year old I whacked it on and was a bright pink glowing bauble. I LOVED it (and actually a lot of other people did too!) and now I just look at photos and laugh!

Thankfully since then formulas have improved and so has my tastes and choices in brands. I've been slowly collecting highlighters, illuminators and glow like there is no tomorrow. Among my stash there's one serious standout ~ the Bellapierre Glowing Palette!

The Glowing Palette comes in a stunning gold tray with a magnetic base so you can swap about the individual pans of glow. There are six shades: Moonshine (mauve undertones baby pink), Stellar (peachy toned bright pink), Glimmer (taupe pale bronze), Beam (gold toned champagne), Amorous (dusky pink with hints of brown) & last but not least Gilt (warm copper).
All the shades are stunning and I use all of them daily but Glimmer and Beam tend to get the most use. I use them on my high points like normal but I also love them on the eyes and over lipsticks to add a hint of shimmer to my hippie colour. They are so versatile. The range of shades available also means that there is something for every skin tone from the fairest/palest to the darkest. Warm and cool tones all accounted for.

The pigment of these is subtle but very buildable. On the skin all the glows are pretty true to their colour in the pan and apply like a dream. These work great with a variety of brushes and for super glow a beauty sponge makes them really pop. It's worth saying that these are not the most blinding glows, they are a bit more day to day subtle than 'full glam' but they all catch the light amazingly and look flawless with the rest of your makeup. The least glowy of the bunch is probably Amorous  with Moonshine and Beam compete for the glowy top spot.

Glow shades Top to Bottoms: Moonshine, Stellar & Glimmer   
(NB I did two coats for each swatch to show colours effectively)
Glow shades Top to Bottoms: Beam, Amorous & Gilt   
(NB I did two coats for each swatch to show colours effectively)

Notes worth mentioning: This palette does contain some Dimethicone and also Carmine. So if you're vegan or not fond of Dimethicone then this one is a skip for you.

I got my palettes (yes I bought two because I liked it so much!) from TK Maxx but seeing as TK Maxx is so touch and go with what's in stock in each store you can also get this palette on LoveLula for £40 and potentially other websites too. If I lost my palette(s) would I pay the full £40 price tag? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt. For six amazing shades that can be used as highlighter, eyeshadow, lip toppers etc at £40, that works out at just under £7 a highlighter, not a bad price when you break it down like that.
Now are you ready to GLOW?! I am!

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  1. I've been contemplating buying this have you tried the contour pallet?


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