1 July 2017

Eyeliner has been my constant makeup companion since first dabbling in the world of makeup. From my early years watching my mum apply it in pencil form and copying everything from the technique to the brand and product she used, to becoming a teenager and experimenting with bold colours on my upper lash line that I found in her old makeup stash and copying from looks in Sugar magazine. I've always loved eyeliner.
Probably the biggest and most significant makeup revolution for me through everything was discovering liquid eyeliner.
I can still remember buying my first one and wondering if I would ever get the hang of using it. Little would I know that a few years down the line it would be my 'trademark' amongst friends and a day wouldn't go by without wearing it. Brands and products changed, the line varying between huge and bold to small and flicked and everything in between, and through it all I became addicted. Addicted to the point where I couldn't go out without it on (I've since worked on this and can now enjoy a liner free day) so imagine when I transitioned to green/natural makeup and found the liquid eyeliner market woefully lacking. The horrors. Thankfully in the 7 or so years since then, the industry has come a long way. I'm still on the hunt for my perfect liner but here a my current top four favourites:

Colour: Black. This dries down to a true cool toned black.
Consistency: Creamy but to too thick or watery
Opacity/Pigment: 10/10 - no patches or streaks & doesn't need a second coat.
Finish: This dries down to a matte finish with no shimmer or shine.
Dry Time: 10/10 - super quick
Longevity/Durability: 9/10 - long-lasting with a  little wear /smudging on wing tips by the end of the day. 
Application/Brush: Medium width, flexible but sturdy brush. Easy to create thin and thick lines. Comfortable to hold and has a very short brush stem which is great for control.
Removal: Easy to remove with more oil based cleansers
Additional Notes: Doesn't have a bad scent.
Price: £19.95

Colour: Black, but dries down to a charcoal grey. I would prefer it to be darker.
Consistency: Very fluid, not too wet but thinner than a gel
Opacity/Pigment: 7/10 this is slightly sheer and does require two coats for truly defined line.
Finish: Very shimmery up close which sort of makes it look slightly wet from a  distance. Pretty.
Dry Time: 8/10 a slightly watery formula and take a little longer to dry, have to be careful about blinking or getting it on lashes.
Longevity/Durability: 7.5/10 -on the lids it lasts well but on wings it crumbles and can be brushed away like  powder after a few hours.
Application/Brush: Great brush much like the JI one, good length, sturdy but flexible. Easy to use and adapt to desired line width. the stem is long but just shy of being too long. Gentle on the eyes.
Removal: This comes off with anything, even just water.
Additional Notes: Love the design of the lid as it gives you perfect shape for a steady grip when applying. 
Price: £12.95

Colour: Black - a true black.
Consistency: Thick, almost like a gel, can clump
Opacity/Pigment: 10/10 only needs one coat but two coats is amazing for extra dramatic looks
Finish: Matte but with an ever-so  slightly waxy look.
Dry Time: 9/10 - this dries fast initially but has room for deliberate smudging if you want to work with the product.
Longevity/Durability: 10/10 this sticks around all day, it can cope with tears, rain and sweat. Wing tips say pretty strong unless you really rub your eyes.
Application/Brush: For me, the worst brush. It's whisker thin, too flexible and requires a lot of pressure to get a medium line. The brush stem is much too long so you lose a little control on creating detail. Great for think thin details. Requires more time to build up line width.
Removal: Stick to an oil cleanser or balm to really work on this one.
Additional Notes: The bottle funnels like a mascara bottle does, helping to reduce product overload which is a great design feature as this can clump if you use too much product.
Price: £19
NB:Along with the rest of the Dr. Hauschka makeup range this product has had a packaging overhaul. I'm not sure if the formula is the same but the brush looks the same.

Colour: The perfect black- really deep rich black.
Consistency: Super watery and fluid - yet it doesn't run when applying do need to be careful of getting it on lashes as if you blink it's everywhere. Only one coat needed.
Opacity/Pigment: 10/10 -despite the wateriness the pigment is perfect and the opacity is the best of all mentioned.
Finish: Quite a thick, satin to almost gloss finish.
Dry Time: 5/10 this take forever to dry and I would give it a lower score BUT the final results are so worth the wait!
Longevity/Durability: 10/10 the best of the bunch. no crumbling, shifting, smearing or flaking.
Application/Brush: Very similar to JI and PHB. Easier to create thicker lines than thin, but a steady hand and less product get around that. Good brush stem length for control and movability.
Removal: Easy despite the durability of it, this washes away easily with oil and non oils cleansers/removers.
Additional Notes: Has a slightly odd scent and the large lid makes it a little clunky to use.
Price: £16.95

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  1. Zao is next on my to purchase list - but will have to try the Jane Liner after that!
    I am currently using the Dr. H one, but I can't believe it doesn't budge for you! this crumbles during the day, wipes away like powder after 5 or 6 hours and it's not too good with water at all for me! So weird! I was annoyed when I bought it because it's not vegan too, so I was even more annoyed when it turned out to be so poor! hahha ;) xx


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