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24 July 2017

Summer is here. My favourite season of all time, I love almost everything that comes with summer from the longer days to the sunshine. I say 'almost everything' because something I do not love is the constant grooming that the summer months require.

Now if you are a  'let it all grow free and wild' kinda girl than more power to you. Personally I do prefer on myself a lot less hair than my natural state. This means a lot of hair removal is required. A while back I discovered that along with my already known-about hairy upper lip, I have also got a very hairy lower lip- in fact blogging makeup photos has shown me how very very hairy my whole face is. 

In my quest to de-fuzz myself I've tried and tested out a fair few hair removal products. From top to toe here's a little over view of some of the ways I've been trialling with a focus on my natural or eco options.
Facial Epilator
(The thing that looks like a pink catapult)
The cheapest little gizmo that you can pick up just abut anywhere on the internet. This device has curved springs that when rolled over the skin, grasp and pluck out even the tiniest and finest hairs. Sounds painful, and at first it is a little eye watering especially around the tip lip but after a while you actually get used to it and dare I admit it, it's quite addictive. Both my sister and I have found it very compulsive to do. This can be tricky to master but once you've got the angle and pressure just right then it works like a dream for me. Word of warning make sure you cleanser and exfoliate for face  a little while before depilating. If you don't then you will get loads of very tiny spots all over the area where you epilated. the lovely Amy Saunders (Amy SkynTherapy) advised me of this and the one time I forgot to follow her advice, I regretted it. Amy knows her stuff!
Obviously made from plastic this isn't a very eco option so I'm currently trying to hunt for one that is more sustainable. I've not been overly successful.

Eyebrow Threading
I love threading, obviously I don't do this myself but I do pop down the shops to get it done on occasion. My eyebrows aren't too unruly so I only need a good threading sesh once in a while. I like threading because it's quick, uses minimal products (I ask them not to use the aloe vera if it's from a natural brand) and the pain is over quickly. I also get my top lip done if I've got a special occasion or heading on holiday. 

(The pink paddle and black abrasive sheets)
I'll just jump right on in and say this was the biggest waste of money. All I can say in my defence is that I was having a lovely day at the Love Natural, Love You show last year, I was caught up in all the excitement. Flush with my new purchases and willing to give anything a go. On the day I was impressed. After a couple of uses myself back at home over a few days it started slowly dawning on me that in actual fact this 'wonder' product was pretty pants. Well, at least it is for me. 

The 'theory' behind it is that it 'lifts' hairs out gently from your pore without pain and buffs away the dead skin cells. Really all it does is simply sand away the top of the hair and your top layer of skin leaving the root, so while initially it looks and feels smoother, the next day your little hair has already poked its head back up leaving you looking and feeling like stubbly mcstubble all over again. The results are the same as shaving except for you get a cheeky exfoliation in there too. Oh and it's bloody time consuming, knackering and messy (lots of skin dust flying about. Gross). Also forget about trying this if you like to keep your tan, real or fake because this baby sands everything away. Nil Poi for this.

Sugar StripEase Waxing
My new favourite form of hair removal. Back in the day I used to buy those cheap prewaxed strips and just the thought of them makes my skin pucker. Once I swapped to cleaner beauty choices those were never used again. Thankfully after a long time searching and some dodgy sugar wax diy recipes later Sugar StripEase* popped up and made my waxing life much easier. As the name suggests sugar wax is made from, you guessed it, Sugar (Sucrose) and a touch of water (Aqua). So no extra chemical additives here. I personally don't find sugar waxing overly painful at all. A short sharp 'zing' and then it's all over. This sugar wax is so easy to use, it heats up quickly, applies smoothly and is the easiest wax to clean up after ever! The strips are also excellent as you can wash and reuse them (top points for reducing waster. the pot is also recyclable). It's also pretty affordable at about £7 for a 250g pot that lasts ages (for about £10 for a kit). Results are very smooth and it picks up even the finest hairs. Sure getting the back of your legs can be a bit of flexibility test but you soon get the hang of it. Also I use this for bikini line, armpits and even my top lip. Sugar StripEase is certified Made in Britain, certified Cruelty Free and certified Vegan. I'm mega impressed with everything about this product. I'm keen on finding a salon that uses it to see what a salon waxing experience is like also.

Shaving is pretty standard. So this one is no revelation and I don't really need to go into much detail- we all know the general gist of it. However, I've been trying to make sure my shaving activities have much more green/eco bent on them by using much more environmentally friendly razor options. Currently I'm using these Preserve Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly Triple Razors*. While still plastic, the handles of these razors are made from 100% recycled yoghurt pots (only using No.5 plastic and BPA free) which can be recycled again after use. Likewise the packaging these razor come in is recyclable. The razors are sharp, work well and the hands is comfortable to use. You can also buy replacement razor heads and it's compatible with other brands of razor heads too. The only thing that I'm not 100% settled on with these is that they have a lubrication strip which depending on where you buy it, has little to no information on what ingredient and materials this is made from. So far I have learnt that they are infused with Vitamin E and Aloe. 

Lotions & Potions
Not technically 'hair-removal' but I've been trialling the Laidbare Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hair Minimising Moisturiser* to see if some of my hair can be kept a little bit at bay. According to the blurb the formula is supposed to  slow down hair growth and re-growth by 'maintaining the hair cells in their growth stage, with inhibiting effect.' Hmm honestly I don't know if this works really at all, it's pretty hard to test. I still think my hair grows pretty fast but I'm persevering and I like the idea that it might be helping my wax results last a little longer. Who knows. I have to say I don't find this particularly moisturising either, however it smells incredible and feels lovely when you apply it. The tubes are recyclable also so that's a packaging plus. I'll keep using this in hopes it's doing something that I can't see. Being made with natural ingredients I reason it can't hurt to keep trying.

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