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26 July 2017

Over the years I have found that my skin likes simplicity. Complex skincare routines with multiple steps and layers of product after product just do not work for me. As a result I don't often play around with different skincare. I had a sample of this Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum* from somewhere and used it without paying much attention. After the first use I thought, 'this is nice' and used it a few times more, after a week it had become my one and only product and I was trying hard to use it sparingly to make it last longer.

Thankfully I got hold of a full 30ml size and my skin has never been happier. 
This serum does everything for my skin. It plumps and firms, it brightens and tackles dark circles. It's incredible at helping heal and fade hyper-pigmentation and scaring from blemishes that I've had in the past. Using this, I almost never get spots now, even if my diet is awful. One or two tiny little ones may pop up if I've eaten a lot of sugar but even around my period my hormonal spots are mostly kept at bay and I really do credit that to this serum. 
One of my main facial skin struggles is uneven pigmentation, I have very pale cheeks and then dark olive pigmentation all around my mouth, across the bridge of my nose and my forehead. It can look really weird and is heightened after being exposed to the sun, even with high level SPF on. While it is still a feature of my face, using this serum has evened it out a lot. It didn't happen straight away but I'd say after about three months of using this daily there's been a definite improvement. 

Another issue it has had  big impact on is one I'm super surprised about. I had a very large pore on my nose from about 10 years ago when I had the mother of all acne on my nose. This one area of acne lasted weeks and one particular spot was huge, swollen and painful, inflamed and just horrendous. If it wasn't bad enough being prominently sticking out on the tip of my nose, I was left with a very scarred and over enlarged open and loose pore. Nothing would fix this thing, even when it was fully healed you could genuinely slide a pin into it without it hurting, it was that big and open. I used to literally pack concealer into it to hide it. Now, I still have this pore, but it is A) no longer a gaping hole, it's more like a small dimple and B) it's a third of the size. Obviously, over time and after 10 years it will have gone through a lot of healing itself but I honestly believe that the serum has had a big impact on making this pore 10 times better than it has ever been. Most of the time people don't even notice my pore anymore. It's been a big confidence boost having it improve so dramatically.

All of this improvement I put down to the fact that this serum is 'clinically proven' to 'boost the cellular re-newal cycle and 'recharge' the skin with it's Bio-Complex. The ingredients list is as long as my arm and packed with natural ingredients I've not come across before along with some favourites and olden goldies. I apply this serum once a day after I've washed my face right before bed. It's very light, non-greasy and sinks in like a dream. I'll even smooth it over my lips to help them if they are chapped. If my skin is particularly dry in the morning I might pop some on but I rarely need to.
The pump provides the perfect amount of serum so you don't over load your skin with product and I never need more. Oh and it's ECOCERT certified too. Couldn't be more perfect.

I honestly can't rave about this enough. When they call it 'miracle' it truly is a miracle product for my skin. These results come with a £40 price tag for a tiny 30ml but it is worth every single penny. I will be re-purchasing this for the rest of my life. In general I've been wowed by every single Madara product I've ever tried, so if you haven't explored the range yet, you really must.

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