Evolution Of Smooth - Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm

19 April 2012

eos lip balm- Medicated Tangerine.  Twist and click top.

Balm comes in a sphere that glides smoothly onto your lips

eos Medicated Tangerine Smooth Sphere Balm (7g) has a flat base to
 stand on so it's not going to roll away anywhere!

I recently discovered EOS (evolution of smooth) as a brand and have already got super excited by their products. Now I know in America they are a big thing but here in the UK they are only still trickling in as a brand and so for us they are still pretty new and damn exciting!

EOS specialise in natural cosmetics that also look and feel great, fun and wonderful as well as making you smooth as a babies bum. And they really do just that! I jumped straight away on the EOS spherical lip balms as they are the sweetest lip balms I have ever seen! These lip balms come in a  little sphere case and the balm itself is an orb to glide smoothly over your lips. All their balms are packed full with Shea Butter, Jojoba oil and Vitamin C, and come in a nice range of delicious scents/flavours. These beauties are 95% organic, 100% natural and are FREE from Glutens, Parabens (a chemical preservative), Petrolatum and Phthalate (acid that is used to make things like plastic more flexible). Good stuff!

Flavours available are: Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop (spf 15), Medicated Tangerine, Strawberry Sorbet and Honeysuckle Honeydew. A Passionfruit flavour is also available in a set of two with Strawberry Sorbet.

I have really dry chapped lips and so chose the Medicated Tangerine as my trial choice. Now, do I like it?!

Oh do I LIKE it!! Yes yes! The wonderful orb shape of the balm makes it so easy to glide onto your lips and the texture is creamy but light. Many medicated lip balms are quite heavy and thick but this one is thinner  and light weight. It isn't greasy or oily and gives my lips a little bit of shine without it looking too glossy or wet looking. Nor does it appear matt and dry which can often enhance the appearance of chapped-ness, so on that front it is great!

Now the taste and the scent. Well to be honest if I was asked what it smelt like with my eyes closed I wouldn't jump and and shout 'Tangerine!!' I would actually say it smells 'mediciny' (I tried it and medical bandages sprang to mind...weird). Naturally being a Medicated lip balm that is probably the reason but I think I would like the Tangerine smell to come through a little more, but overall the scent is pleasant enough and isn't overbearing. I certainly wouldn't say it is at all unpleasant, personally I quite like the medicated layer to the smell. It makes me think the lip balm really is doing good. The same goes for the taste, which I think is better than the smell. The taste is quite pleasant, a little sweet, vanilla orangey taste which I really enjoy! It's not over powering or so yummy that I lick it off, just the right balance of tastiness for me! Plus the medicated smell doesn't come through in the taste which is a bonus as other medicated lip balms I have tried do taste like menthol and what I imagine (based on the smell) antiseptic tastes like. So 10/10 on the taste!

The only slight hang up for me is the price, it normally retails about £5-6 (plus p&p which varies on each site) on natural cosmetics websites. I guess because it's imported in from the USA. I managed to get it for just over £4 on ebay (including p&p) so that's the best place to go to buy this. However, it is quite long lasting on the lips which is great because a little goes a long way and you do actually get quite a lot of product for your money. I think that this balm will last a long time so if you don't mind splashing out once in a long while then the price is not so bad. I certainly will be purchasing the other flavours to try as I am enjoying this one enough to warrant the expense. It's my guilty little treat (a treat that does good too!)

This balm I think is a goodun! It has defiantly moisturised my lips nicely and I think genuinely improved the chapped issues that I have. What's doubly good is that it's 100% natural!!


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