Earth Day!

22 April 2012

Happy Earth day!!

Earth day is super duper important, It's like valentines for our world. One special day where you stop and go, 'yeeaah Earth is damn great!' and think about all the fabulous things that it provides. But of course like valentines you shouldn't just keep love for one day! Recycling is ridiculously important, so is water conservation (this drought we are having at the moment is serious, bad.) These issues like saving energy and electricity are such strong focus but remember it is also super important to take care about the products that you buy and use for your beauty. Not only what it is doing to your body but also what is does to the earth when you wash it away or throw it away (if it's un recyclable). So obviously you guys are checking this out because you are concious of giving the best most natural products to your skin and body but you can do that and be conscious of the earth at the same time! There are whole loads of products out there that do both wonderful important roles and we should enjoy grabbing them with both hands!

At the moment are doing a fabulous earth day promotion on natural, eco products and spreading the word on these wonderful brands. So love the earth and pop along to feelunique to snap up some brilliant ethical, eco, and natural earth day bargains! You wont regret it! I have been using many of these brands (current fave is Yes To: Carrots) and they are fabulous, many reviews to follow!

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