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26 April 2012

The Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit Beautifying Oil -
Out Now!

As always I was browsing The Body Shop online the other day and had a million things that I wanted to buy in my shopping cart. Then I saw that that day, they had a 24hr only exclusive offer on their new upcoming range of Beautifying Oils for a reduced special introductory price and with free delivery! How could I resist?
I immediately went into 'how much would it cost for ALL OF THEM mode' then snapped out of it and rationally bought just one. The Pink Grapefruit oil. I looooove anything grapefruit, for me the smell is just perfect! Now I wish I had stayed in that 'buy them aaaall' mode and not been sensible because ooooh I love it so much that I DO want them ALL! Now I have to wait until they are officially launched! They're OUT NOW WHHOOO!

This Pink Grapefruit Beautifying Oil really is smashing! The scent is beyond heavenly, it actually makes my mouth water! The oil is a dry oil and is made up from pressed pink grapefruit seeds, kukui, sweet almond and marula nut oils. It locks in moisture and moisturises at the same time. I have been using is a lot on my knees as they get pretty ashy and it definitely helps. The great thing about this oil is that as it's a dry oil it is absorbed quickly and you don't feel wet or greasy after applying it. As I've mentioned (a million times already, obsessed much!) the scent of grapefruit is fabulous and does linger nicely on the skin. Unlike with some oils I've tried the scent doesn't 'go off' or become 'tainted' after time and just wears off naturally like a perfume really. So on one hand you don't go around smelling like gone off grapefruit but you also don't go smelling like you've just jumped in a bath of grapefruit juice leaving a smell that knocks people of their feet! So no complaints there!
There is also a wide range of scents/flavours. You have 11 to choose from: Strawberry, Moringa, Mango, Chocomania, Shea, Olive, Coconut, Sweet Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma and Cocoa Butter.

As with most oils this can be used on damp or dry skin and on dry hair. You can use it on body, face and hair. So far I have mostly been using it on my body and face. The oil is meant to illuminate the skin and although I wouldn't say that it illuminates dramatically for a long time, your skin does look fresher and brighter after use but that does soon dull down. The oil is also designed to smooth out the skin but so far I don't reckon I have been using it long enough to see if this is the case, so I will update on that aspect after a longer period, the same goes fro trying it on my hair.
Using it on my face had been beneficial for sure. I'm noticing that my skin is less prone to oily patches in the day and night since I've been lightly applying it to my face after I take off my make up. Best of all I have had no problems with clogged pores after using this oil which I have experienced after using other oil products.

Overall I think the price is quite reasonable for 100ml you pay about £9 (I got mine for just over £6 as it was an introductory offer). The packaging is sleek and pretty, and the oil dispenser comes as a small drip top so you can easily apply as little or as much as you need with no mess or spillages. Can't fault it.

Also as its a Body Shop product this oil is also good in other ways! The Marula Oil is Community fair trade and with the oils its pretty natural.

So roll on May the 15th when these beauts are officially released because I'm excited to get my mitts on the other scents to try out!

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