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26 March 2017

So here it is, my review of THE HOTTEST bit of makeup on the green beauty circuit at the moment. I've got to say there's been plenty of hype over products in the past but never one to this scale. Green People have just seriously upped the green makeup stakes, and it is awesome. 

As this was so hyped about I avoided reading  reviews prior to trying the lipstick and reviewing it so that I wouldn't be biased but it was hard to miss all the positive messages on social. So, a green makeup product that is bang on trend - while the trend is still going strong no less - and one that actually performance and lives up to it's promises. Let's see shall we? 

So as you probably know by now Green People are celebrating their 20th anniversary this spring and to mark the occasion they are bringing out two new special edition collections, Damask Rose and Orange Blossom. This gorgeous looking lipstick is their new Velvet Matte Lipstick in Damask Rose*.

Yes- a MATTE lipstick. I've tried other lipsticks claiming to be matte but often in the description they slip in the semi-matte term and you find that they still have a sheen to them. On the other hand I've had some that are so matte that its pretty much like putting colourful chalk on your lips. With Green People's Velvet Matte formula it is neither of these - it's near on perfect!
This lipstick glides on smoothly with a creamy texture and gives, as promised, a true matte finish. The pigmentation is strong and the coverage is opaque. As it is a matte finish it can tend to make your dry patches show more, but a quick lip scrub before applying helps reduce this a lot. The formula of the lipstick feels very lightweight on the lips and despite being matte is not at all drying. This lipstick actually feels quite nourishing as you wear it thanks to the added benefits of the  two waxes used -sustainable beeswax and organic Carnauba wax and of course the added Vitamin E as well as the blend of oils such as sunflower and castor.

For staying power this lipstick surprisingly holds up quite well. As I mentioned it is quite a creamy formula but its not 'wet', it is a touch on the more dry side and that really helps the longevity of it as it doesn't shift and slide off your lips. Like all lipsticks it does transfer a little onto cups etc but nothing out of the ordinary. 
Now lets talk about the colour- Damask Rose. The shade is described as a nude-rose and I would tend to agree with this description. It is a beautiful blend of pinky and slightly peachy tones, creating a very warm toned nude. This is a little lighter than my natural lip colour but it is very flattering. The warm tones seem to suit my skin tone very nicely and the lipstick tends to show more on the peachy side than on the pink, which is definitely my preference. I'm not sure it would work with all skin tones as they say, but I think as nudes go it's a very adaptable colour for most people. On my lips the shade is quite true to the shade as it is in stick formula.

Another great aspect of this lipstick that really makes it stand out is that it doesn't smell or taste bad. I've previously used other 'matte' green/natural lipsticks and often they can taste and smell very peculiar - a little like crayons. Not so with this one from GP. To me it smells and tastes slightly fruity- I can't quite put my finger on it and the ingredients only list it as 'Aroma' so it's hard to say what it is, but I really like it.

GP kindly also popped over the Lip Primer* to try with the lipstick. This is great to use under the lipstick if you want much more sheer look and to make the matte finish more of a satin effect. Personally for me I found I much prefer the Damask Rose on its own to give it its full effect, but I've been popping on the primer like a balm since getting it and it works wonders on my very dry chapped lips.

What I do think would work well with this would be a lipliner in the same shade. With nude lipsticks it can be hard to keep your lip outline well defined especially around your cupids bow. I popped on a nude lipliner I had just along my cupids bow and that really helped the colour on my lips have a more distinct shape. It wasn't quite the perfect colour match though so fingers crossed one will be in the pipeline for future launches!

The Velvet Matte Lipstick in Damask Rose will be available from Tuesday 28th March on pre-order (officially avail 4th April). Also for all you lovely readers there's a 15% discount code which you can use on any platform. This code offers 15% off Velvet Matte Lipstick in Damask Rose (+Free UK delivery). Valid right up until 31st April 2017. 
Price: £15

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