Spring Makeup Look // Purple Crocus

18 March 2017

Spring has arrived and I'm feeling inspired. I'm a summer baby and the sunshine is always on my mind. Nothing has cheered me more than seeing the days grow lighter and flowers and blossom trees burst into colour! This makeup look was sort of inspired by the purple/ lilac crocus that have been popping up lately, the way the petals blend from white into an ombre of purples. It's such a pretty colour transition. So that is what I was trying to replicate for this look.
This look as always seems a little more subtle on screen but in real life it's quite bright as the purple hues catch the light.
To create this look I immediately went for two PHB Ethical Beauty pressed mineral eyeshadows because I'm so impressed by them. They have a good colour selection, the formula is beautiful and the pigment and colour pay-off is strong. They have a little fall out but nothing to cry over. The two shades I chose to create this look were Acai Berry* - a deep dark velvety aubergine, and Amethyst* - a blue toned lilac/ lavender shade.

I began with a neutral base topped with Amethyst. I swept this over the whole lid on a dry fluffy brush. Like all the PHB pressed mineral shadows this shade is very shimmery and I found that in the light the blue undertones really shone through more than the lilac that I wanted. To add back in the pale purple hues I topped the eyeshadow with another colour from Alva called Li-La-Lilac, a pinky toned mauve lilac. I concentrated this colour in the centre of the eye. This is the first time I've tried Alva and again i'm very impressed by the pigment of these loose shadows, applied both dry and wet the colour payoff is great. They pack a lot of product into the pot so it can be a struggle to get out but once you do it's worth it. This shadow blends like a dream and is a lot less shimmery than the PHB which is a good option to have for a more textured look. This little pot was only £7.50 and is going to last a lifetime!

To complete the ombre purple effect I focused Acai Berry on the very outer wing of the eye to replicate the crocus petal shape a little. I kept it darker towards the furthest points of the eye and along the lash line and faded it towards the centre to blend with the the Li-La-Lilac shade. Finally I took my favourite eyeshadow Snowflake by Bellapierre and heavily concentrated it on the inner corner extending into the centre to fuse with the lilac and purples. I popped on a few coats of Lavera's Butterfly Effect Mascara, and then I made a mistake. I wanted to go a little glam with this look so I tried out some new lashes from EcoTools. I chose the lashes 1259 and I what a mistake. I've worn a lot of lashes in my time and these were just not good. The band is much too thick, straight and stiff and the effect is clunky and chunky even after I trimmed them down a lot. These were meant to be soft and natural looking lashes. I don't mind the dramatic look at all but I do mind the band showing and constantly becoming unstuck. Like I said I'm no falsies newbie and I could not get the band to fit my eye at all. As a result you can see that big gap where the lashes have come away even when filled in with eyeliner. Oh well. Live and learn. I don't think they ruined the overall look too much.


  1. A gorgeous look! Those eye shadows look so nice and pigmented!
    Nicole | Nicole Laura

    1. They are really pigmented especially for a natural brand. I'm working on a post about pigmented eyeshadows so keep an eye out (no pun intended!) for that xx

  2. Really can't notice the gap at all. Such a ridiculous pretty look on you.

    1. Thanks Lynda. Ah the gap was awful in real life. Deffo wouldn't recommend those lashes haha x


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