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11 March 2017

One of the reasons I love blogging is that it forces me to try new brands and products. Case in point - Greenfrog. I'd never heard or read about Greenfrog before I found them on Lovelula but once I read about their USP with being made from soapberries, I had to try them. 

I scooped up two of Greenfrog products: Botanical Handwash -Neroli & Lime* and Botanical Bodywash - Neroli & Lime*. In hindsight I wish I had chosen two different scents as I soon realised that while I like the accents of lime in the products scents, I don't actually like the smell of Neroli. Obviously this is just my personal preference and despite not being keen on the scent, I am impressed with how potent it is and how long it lasts. Often natural products smell strongly but the scent fades quite rapidly. The handwash that I have smells much more of lime than the bodywash, so I find it much more appealing. Perhaps next time I will choose one of the other scents available in Greenfrog's range.

As mentioned these products are both formulated with the unique ingredient of soapberries (not the same as soap nuts - soap nuts are the husks from around the berries I believe) which give them their super cleaning powers. The soapberries are also very hydrating and nourishing. Both of these products are very similar in formula with just a few ingredients different between them and I find their results very much the same, except for I feel the bodywash is a touch more gentle than the handwash.
Both leave you feeling clean without your skin being stripped or feeling tight. In fact my skin and hands are lovely and soft since using these, I think this is helped by the added Aloe vera in the formulas. I can really tell the difference between when I use the bar of soap in my bathroom versus when I use this handwash in the kitchen.

For me, the downside to having such 'soapy' and nourishing ingredients is that the formula can feel quite slimey and super slippery, which if I'm honest I'm really not a fan of. It's an odd sensation as it feels like it is just sliding over your skin and I really have to rinse a lot to wash it away. Thankfully the slippery sensation doesn't last long and you're not left with a residue so it's fine. While I don't like this element of the products, it's not enough to stop me using them.

Pricewise, these are pretty pricey at almost £9 for 300ml or almost £4 for 100ml. Quite a lot for products that you rinse off I think.

Other points to note. The products are certified Cruelty Free, certified Vegan and contain Organic Ingredients (soapberries certified by Ecocert). Free from SLS/ALS, parabens, palm oil and mineral oil etc.

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  1. This is a great brand, but I do agree that they are a little pricey! Currently using this body wash and I quite like this scent, although want to try others. xxx - green beauty + lifestyle


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