The Dirty 12 (Dozen) & The Clean 15

9 September 2016

So the focus this month has been all about organic, but the realities are that often organic produce is unavailable or simply too expensive when you are buying everything organic. However, this doesn't mean that it has to be an all or nothing approach. By using the EWGs handy guide you can get the low down on which fruit and veg is more important to go organic with than others. This can help you spread the cost and make shopping a little easier. The list over the years does tend to get tweaked here and there, often potatoes find their way on and other small changes are made, but here is the most recent list that I follow.

The reason to choose organic is as we've mentioned before is due to trying to consume less pesticides and chemical residues on our food (check out my 6 reasons to go organic here). This list breaks down the Dirty 12 (dozen) which often have the highest pesticide residues and are those which have the least, the Clean 15. If you are wanting to buy more organic produce then the list shows you which fruit and veg it is better to choose organic with and the fruit/veg where you're kinda ok not too.

However, whether you are buying organic or not my advice is to always wash your fruit and veg before hand. Even organic fruit and veg can have residues and natural fertilisers and some natural pesticides can and are sometimes used, and anyway with all the transportation food goes through these days it's bound to pick up some grime here and there.

To wash fruit and veggies I use the apple cider vinegar method. Splash about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar into your sink full of cool water and let sit for a few minutes. I like to give me a shuffle about occasionally and for potatoes etc a gentle scrub with a brush is also great. Rinse with cold clean water and you are done!

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