LoveLula Beauty Box // September 2016

28 September 2016

It's been such a long time since I've had a LoveLula Beauty Box*, and I have to admit I was totally excited to get this box through the post this month! There literally is nothing better than knowing you are going to get a box of goodies to play with. Plus the added element of suspense not knowing what is going to be in it, then the surprise when you final unveil it! 

My first thoughts on this box where happy ones as I noticed how many of the products were certified organic, ideal for Organic September and Organic Beauty Week. It's great to see the 'green' and 'natural' beauty industry really make a definite shift to being organic as well as 'natural' to really enhance the 'clean' and 'toxic free' ethics. 

This month offered four full or trial size products and two little sample sachets. I was kindly sent this box to review as part of the Love Lula blogger scheme but to purchase it would cost £12.50 per month to receive this box. This month's box worth came to well over £45!

So lets take a look at some of the goodies included!

I know I've said this time and time again, but I love a facial waster/mist. I tend to shy away from Rose based products as often I'm not keen on the scent but this one smell just like the fresh petals of roses, with none of that 'old ladies knitted sweater' type of smell (you know what I mean). The ingredients are very simple. Rose Flower Distillate...that's it. Super pure. Super clean. 
As most floral waters this is a versatile product you can use as a toner or simply to freshen up. 
This spray is Soil Association certified organic, 100% natural, cruelty free (Leaping Bunny certified) and carries the RBM (Real beauty Manifesto) logo.

So OOH! has been a brand that has been on my radar for a while, but like many many brands it's just never made it's way into my stash. That's why I love beauty boxes, they introduce me to brands I haven't tried before and products I might never have picked up. I love facial oils, but I'm quite dedicated to those I am using lately, but this one really intrigues me. I've never used a product with Baobab before. I've used it in smoothies but never in skincare. Intrigued to see if it really is a transformative as it claims. As they say it is rich in Omega-3s i'm keen to give this a whirl on my scars and pigment spots. 
Although not certified this oil is purely (100%) made from organic Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil (Baobab). Again OOH! is part of the RBM and carries the logo. This product is also PhytoTrade Africa certified.

I've recently just used up a FOM anti-ageing hand cream and loved it so I have high hopes for this serum. This serum is designed to be used both days and night to give your skin a super hydration boost. The main base of this serum is rose water formulated with other powerful ingredients such as silk protein and fig extract among others. There's a lot of science based explanation surrounding the workings of this serum, but essentially it is to boost hydration, support collagen and help reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone. Pretty much everything I need for my skin after a long summer and heading into a cold dry winter.

Love Madara as a brand! I've used a lot of their products and always been impressed. I've noticed that lately they have really stepped up their offering and product/ packaging design and it's definitely kept me interested in them as a brand. I'm loyal to their comforting toner and skin tints so I'm hoping, fingers crossed this peel mask will prove to be just as good. Funnily enough I've just got back into exfoliating/ peel masks after not using them for years after a bad experience. The poor texture of my skin lately has mean that I've been experimenting with them more lately so this has come at the right time. AHAs have seen a surge in popularity in skincare of late especially with traditional skincare so it's great to see a natural skincare brand embracing this too.
This mask is 99% natural and ECOCERT organic certified (7% of total ingredients are from organic farming)

I have a love hate relationship with sachets, I love the idea of having them and think 'perfect for travelling' but then I forget about them or I open and then only use half of them and have to chuck them. However luckily these are from two of my fave brands so I'm popping these straight in my makeup bag. Again the MADARA Micellar Water is ECOCERT certified (13% of total ingredients from organic farming)  and is 99% natural origin. The Kimberley Sayer Cleansing Lotion is also made with certified organic ingredients (I'm not familiar with the logo so unsure if it is by a  particular body or not.)

And that my friends, rounds up the total collection of goodies in the LoveLula Beauty Box for September. While I'm really pleased with this box, I would like to see some makeup bits or body care products in future boxes, just to mix things up a little bit, I'm sure there will be.

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