Organic Beauty Week // 2016

19 September 2016

Happy Organic Beauty Week!

This is the part of Organic September where I can really delve into beauty much more and share some amazing products, brands, tips, tricks, ideas and thoughts with you!

The Soil Association have a lovely little hashtag going this year for their Organic Beauty Week campaign - #LookForTheLogo. The message being if you are unsure on whether something is organic or not, then check to see if the product has their logo...if not then the chances are it isn't - unless of course there is another real certification on there.

Keep up to date with the Soil Association's wonderful #LookForTheLogo campaign this year through the Soil Association's Beauty instagram >> @soilassociationbeauty

You can also check out their OBW page online here.

Don't forget to also check out:

Enjoy a week of pure organic beauty!

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