Yellow Nails For All Seasons

11 November 2017

As I've mentioned before, one of the things I like about Autumn and Winter are all the colours; the reds, oranges and the yellows.
Yellow is a colour that has always appealed to me and I love how you can adapt it to any season.
Back in the summer I was feeling bold and chose this amazing bright yellow shade Afternoon Delight* by Little Ondine. This shade has a very deep earthy hue to it which is why, while it looked great in the Summer, it looks even better in the Autumn and Winter months. 
Yes it's bright but it's also has a very mellow dimension to it also. It doesn't have any neon or fluorescent hints to it, making it a noticeable colour but not too in your face. It's the perfect shade to transition through all the seasons so you can wear it all year round.
I'm a big fan of the Little Ondine polishes and find them so easy to use. As long as you prep your nails properly they will last a good few days while still being easy to peel off when you want to change your colour.
The best part about the polishes is that they apply ridiculously easily, even I barely make that many mistakes when apply them and even if i do it's very easy to fix quickly when it's wet or even dry. Afternoon Delight is no exception to the rule and like many of the other shades I've tried the pigment and colour is very strong. 
However, with this shade I did find it was very streaky on first application. As it dries it does settle a little smoother but I always have to apply a second coat. Lucky it dries fast.
This polish also requires the second coat to reduce chipping and making removing easier. It is almost as if one coat is too thin to remove all in one go and to stand up to any chipping. So always double up.

Despite the coverage not being perfect the end results are still magnificent, opaque, bold and glossy.
I'm very glad I took the chance on such a vivid shade. I reckon this colour would be pretty flattering on most skin tones, especially darker skin tones. I usually avoid yellows due to my warmer and more olive-yellow undertones but It's surprisingly flattering.
I've been wearing this on my short nails and can't wait for them to grow as I think on longer nails this shade will really pop!

Little Ondine is made from water, resin and natural colour pigments. I've done a full break down of the ingredients etc on this post and you can check out a few other shades in that post too.

NB: I got this from LoveLula back in the Summer, but since then the brand seems to have been removed from the site for a while (which I am gutted about). It is alternatively available on Little Ondine's own website here.

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