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12 June 2017

There are two things that feature strongly on my blog and those are; lipsticks and the brand Bellápierre.
I have been a big Bellápierre fan for years and always thought it is such an underrated brand. A good 50% of my makeup collection is Bellápierre and the day I found out that the beautiful Ailish (the Glow Getter) was also a fan was a happy day indeed, finally someone who understood my love for them!

A happier day came a couple of weeks ago when I saw that LoveLula had finally brought Bellápierre products to their site, and not just that, but the range featured the new Kiss Poof Lip Crèmes that I have been coveting & stalking on Instagram for months! I'd been saving to purchase some and then as if by magic they were suddenly available on LL. Awesome.

Liquid lipsticks are THE hottest trend that has hit the beauty market in a long time, just about everyone and their mum has some. There's not a brand out there that doesn't have their own range. Unfortunately the green world is always a little behind, but lately a few brands have been coming through on this trend and bringing out cleaner alternatives. Bellápierre's answer to liquid lipsticks are these Kiss Proof Lip Crèmes. Currently there are four shades of Bellápierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème* on LoveLula and I scooped up my three favourites. 

Get ready for liquid lipstick swatch central- this is a photo heavy post!:
Bellápierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème Shades - Top to bottom: Coral Stone, Antique PinkHibiscus.
                Antique Pink                                                                Coral Stone                                                    Hibiscus            

Hibiscus, for me, is the MOST PERFECT red that I could ever get. Red is hard for me to wear due to my skin tone, but this one is very flattering. In the tube Hibiscus has a more magenta red tone to it, on the lips it comes out a little darker and more of a pillar box red with blue undertones. Not only does this suit my skin tone (in my humble opinion) but it also makes my teeth look whiter. Bonus!
Of the three shades that I currently have, this shade applies the best. Colour payoff is perfect, and it is opaque on first swipe, very little filling in is needed. The formula is soft and creamy and glides on. Dry time is very fast with very little sticky residue, except for in the very inner corners of my lips. This shade dries down to a super matte finish and is just perfect. Despite being so matte I don't find this shade drying of the lips at all and it doesn't enhance dry or chapped patches too much. Longevity is as you would expect, phenomenal. It survives drinking and eating and lasts for hours. This only starts to wear off after a few hours and mainly on the bottom lip. Taking it off can be tricky but an oil cleanser gets this off easily and wonderfully it doesn't stain. In a pinch a lip balm also works well as a remover. 10/10 - this ticks ALL boxes. I have had so many compliments on both the lipstick and how it looks on when ever I wear this. 

Coral Stone is probably my least favourite of the three Kiss Proof Lip Crèmes that I have. The colour is a beautiful dusky peach. With my skin tone I personally don't think it is the most flattering shade, but I'm still happy to wear it and feel confident.
For application this one was the trickiest, as the colour is less bold it is harder to get a more definite edge or outline round the lips and i feel you loose a little definition around the cupids bow. This finish of Coral Stone is still very matte, bit it can develop a slight silky look at high points of the lips which also stop the outline looking quite as crisp as I like. Again the colour is truly opaque, but this one requires a few swipes to get perfect, sometimes if you have to do several coast the lipstick can tend to shift under the swipe, nothing major just requires a bit more attention. Like Hibiscus this shade last for ages on the lips, it does wear away a little fast on the more inner rim of the bottom lip, but still lasts for hours and survives eating and drinking. This doesn't dry out my lips or feel tight on them at all, but it can enhance dry patches a little bit so a good lip scrub before using this one is advised. 8/10 it is beautiful but not as perfect as Hibiscus.

Antique Pink is the third in my Kiss Proof Lip Crème collection. This is my second favourite our of the three. The colour is a very unique mauve toned dusky dark pink. the colour seems to sit well with my skin tone without washing me out. Ideal for making the teeth looking whiter and adding a bold pop to your look without looking too vibrant. The formula of this one is much closer to Hibiscus, creamy and opaque with very little touching up needed. This one doesn't shift when applying like Coral Stone does. The finish of this one is again super matte and doesn't have the silky finish that Coral Stone gets either. With this shade I find that it can get a little sticky in the inner corners if you over apply it, so go easy on those areas. I haven't experienced any particular dryness of my lips from wearing this and it is  much more forgiving on any chapped or dry areas than Coral Stone is. It goes without saying that this lasts as along as the others and can be removed with an oil cleanser just as easily without any staining. Oh and I should also mention that this like the other has a very subtle fruity scent, but zero taste on the lips. 9/10 a very pretty shade that works for everyday looks.

As a product I think these Kiss Proof Lip Crèmes are incredible. They are exactly what you would want. Great colours, opaque, fully matte and ridiculously hardy and long lasting. They're easy to apply and don't require too much practice. A steady hand is useful and the more you do it the better you get at outlining - as you can see mine are far from perfect but as I get more confident it improves with each time I wear them. You might get quite aware of the shape of your lips, I've noticed how lopsided mine are since wearing these, but that just means I have more fun playing with making the shape more even. In true Bellápierre form they perform exactly as they are markets too and the packaging is beautiful too (I'm a sucker for good packaging). I would love to have some lipliners in these shades to accompany these liquid lipsticks. I tried a few of my own and they worked well, but there would be nothing better than a perfect match lipliner to make a real combo.

The Bellápierre Kiss Proof Lip Crèmes are available on LoveLula and retail at £20 each which isn't too bad for a liquid lipstick. These are cruelty free but they are NOT vegan. 


  1. I've been using Antique Pink for the last couple of days after receiving this in the LoveLula June Beauty Box - love it!! I have been using a lip liner with mine. LOVE your photos!

    1. You're killing me. I've not received the June box yet as about three zillion oceans are in the way. Hurry up snail mail!

  2. Wow, so beautiful photos! I must say you look great in them! Hibiscus is definitely the best colour for you. I received one of their liquid lipsticks in this month's LoveLula box and the colour is a big strong for me but I think it would be great for the evening.

  3. I've got antique pink and I love it! It just lasts so well especially after eating and drinking. Hibiscus looks gorgeous on you.

  4. Awh you're so cute! Thanks for the blog mention babe! You look amazing and I'm now purchasing all three because they look so great on you. I wish I had lips like that!

  5. Thank you so much for this review! Thankfully they've expanded to 20 colors now. These particular colors (while beautiful) aren't for me, but I appreciate your review of the formula. It sounds ideal to me and I can't wait to try mine (ordered Muddy Rose)


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