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23 May 2017

You know by now I'm not immune to a trend or two, combine this with a lipstick obsession and you get quite the adventurous mix. I've been on the hunt for the perfect natural purple lipstick and boy oh boy has it been a long road. 
I've been searching, testing and trialling a few different lippies and one lipstick that has stood out is this beautiful shade called Abraca-Bam by Lippy Girl*. Now I'll say right off, this isn't my perfect purple- but it is insanely beautiful nonetheless!
The purple I'm aiming for is a very cool blue toned purple and it's tricky to find. Most natural purple lipsticks tend to be more of the pink or red undertone shades. Abraca-Bam is the closest I have got to my dream colour.
In the pot it looks spot on, exactly what I want, however I guess due to my skin tone and lip pigment it comes out a little more pink toned. When I look at it on me in real life it looks just like the shade in the tube, but snap a photo of it and it looks more pinky purple. Yet a photo of it in the tube shows the true colour- frustrating! And trust me, I've played around with a thousand lighting options. Despite this there is no denying that the final colour is pretty sensational! It definitely does have the 'bam!' factor that the name implies. Just take a look!
Pretty lush right? It's not just the colour that is gorgeous, the formula itself is great too. This lipstick has a very creamy smooth texture, it's not matte at all but it's not too glossy either - just the right balance between the two. The creaminess is down to the blend of oils in the formula such as Jojoba oil and Castor Oil as well as Shea Butter which all combine to make it lovely and moisturising.
The coverage and colour payoff are both good. In real life the effect is a little more full coverage but in the photos it show up a little more sheer, but the effect is still very powerful, especially as you can build up the colour a bit. This lipstick works really well when used with a power and a second layer. As for longevity, the lipstick stays put for a decent amount of time, it does transfer to cups etc but that is to be expected and much the norm for all lipsticks- natural or not. Thankfully this lipstick doesn't tend to smudge too much and I haven't experienced too much lipstick on my teeth when wearing this which is a huge bonus. 
Taste and scent- barely a hint of either which is absolutely fine by me!

This is a 100% vegan lipstick so its suitable for everyone's ethics! Price wise it's in the mid price range, not a affordable as some brands but not as eye-wateringly expensive as others. With the colour and the formula I think it is well worth the price.
This isn't quite the perfect shade of my dreams, but it comes close! 

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