Natural Toothpaste round-up

4 November 2016

Ever wondered how some natural toothpastes compare up against other natural toothpastes?...erm no, no probably not. But I have. Ergo this post. 
To save a whole bunch of singular toothpaste reviews or one epic lengthy written review, I've summarised my feelings about a few toothpastes I've used over the past year (surprisingly quite a big stash!). They're pretty much in order of preference, but they included the specs about each one (though some where impossible to find info on) and whether it is a paste or gel, contains fluoride or fluoride free. Rating out of 5 on Taste, Texture, Whitening effectiveness and Fresh Breath. 
1 = bad, 5 = excellent.

(For more info on the other specs, check this SPECS PAGE)
So there you have it, a quick skim summary of 10 different natural toothpastes! Any recommendations for toothpastes I should try next?


  1. Love how you listed all the toothpastes and ranked them! There's one toothpaste I keep coming back to - that's a fluoride-free toothpaste from Kingfisher (mint). I am currently looking for something else to try so I will check Jason toothpastes as I haven't tried those yet.

  2. This is a brilliant post! My two faves have to be jason power smile and aloedent whitening, at the moment im using kingfisher FF baking soda but being pregnant and all that it's a little harsh on my gums! xx

  3. Great post. Love the key you created! Really useful


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