30 November 2016

The post man didn't get this months LoveLula Beauty Box* to me until today (talk about last minute) so I've been studiously avoiding all mentions of it and blog posts so as not to spoil the surprise of the goodies inside.
Finally I can take a look and share what lovely little bits are inside:

I've really been enjoying PHB products lately, but due to the quirk almost vintage packaging, I genuinely didn't realise this was a PHB product until I looked a little closer. I'm going to be honest and say that this product kinda scares me a little bit. The strong scent, the gel/jelly like texture and the  slightly off colour all combine to create the most bizarre product I have ever come across. The jury is out on this one until I work up the never to try it out! This is partly the reason I love beauty boxes like this LoveLula one, they present you with products you would never usually go for. 

Probably my most favourite of all bath oils. I have used up several bottles of this wonderful potion before and it's so fun and cool to be able to have a tiny shot bottle that I can take with me to pop in a bath while on my travels. This bath lotions cures everything from stress, sore muscles, cramps, colds and headaches and can both pep me up and relax me. Truly a miracle worker. I think I love this month's box just for this!

So interesting to come across Humble products, as a kid I always admired Kate Humble so it will be nice to discover her natural beauty range. You can never go wrong with a hand cream, although this one isn't my personal favourite when it comes to scent. I think what most attracts me to the brand is their environmental stance, it's great to have natural products but even better with those focused on being eco and environmentally friendly. The Beauty Miles concept is a really great aspect of the brand.

Another Ooh! product that has popped up in the beauty box in the past few months. Again this is another reason that I like having a beauty box because you can try a whole range of products from one brand, which you might not ordinarily do. 

Again another brand that pops up in the box every few months. I am currently obsessed with a Madara product and have been trawling my stash for more of them. This one is very welcome- who doesn't love a good face mask on a Sunday evening for a end of week pamper?

This month's box was a good one as it provided me with brands and products that I both love and am challenged by or are new to me. It's got a great balance. My only other thoughts are that again it is all skincare focused and I would like to see a few more makeup or nail polish or even accessories pop up a bit more, just to change things up a bit.

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