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23 September 2017

Lately I've been seeing a lot of makeup looks pop up that embrace the 'Upside-Down Eye' with a subtle smokey lid and a pop of colour of the bottom waterline. All the attention is on the lower  part of the eye.
Naturally I wanted to get on board with this myself. Out of all the combos I've seen around, I was really drawn to the pairing of bronze with purple. 
So I gathered together a few products in my stash and tried my hand at creating a daytime friendly 'Upside-Down Eye' and this was the outcome. 
To create this look I used a mix of old products from my collection and a few newer additions. It gave me the perfect opportunity to reassess my feelings about some products and have a play with some new ones.

Hands down one of the best foundation discoveries I've made in the past year or so. I find foundations incredibly hard to get right with not only my skin tone, but also my combination skin and my skin texture. This foundation has the lightweight feeling of a BB Cream but the coverage and build-ability of a foundation. The colour match is pretty great too. Initially this does feel a little tacky on the skin as you apply but it sinks in rather than sitting on top of the skin and blends beautifully leaving a lovely velvety texture. It's not cakey, doesn't look overly matte or enhance the appearance of my pores etc. Definitely one I'll be purchasing when is is used up.
I'm growing quite the collection of these kajals. I usually adore them but unfortunately I found this one didn't wow me like the others I've tried. I expected this to be a lot more orange toned as a copper colour, however I found it to be much more of rich brown with a hint of copper shimmer to it (see the swatch above). The shimmer in it is genuinely beautiful but the brown base overpowers the effect and when blended, even slightly, it loses all of it's pigment and colour definition. Definitely one that should be used purely as a bold solid liner. For this look I kept it predominantly to the outer wing of my eye to deepen the look in that area.

As the SoulTree kajal wasn't working out I decided to give my RMS solar cream eyeshadow another whirl. This will not be a popular opinion but I've never got along all that well with these. I found they crease badly on my eyes. However there is no denying the colour is sensational. Popping this on top of the copper kajal looks really gorgeous, the dark colour underneath gives it real depth. Still not won over by it as a formula, I find it shifts on my eyes too much during application and creases no matter how much or little I use, though the pigment remains amazing no matter how much you work it.

Pretty much the reason I wanted to try this eye look. I'm always drawn to purple and this eyeliner was no exception. This liner is a lot more deep purple than it looks online, but I was actually pleased by this. The colour is so gorgeous, the swatch doesn't do it justice, it's more cool toned than it looks in the photo. Yet while the colour is amazing, I was not that impressed with the formula, it was very hard and waxy, like a kids crayon and the pigment bunches and clumps. If the formula was softer and creamer it would be a dream. On the positive side the pigment is strong and the payoff is good so you get the impression of consistent colour but up close it's a bit patchy. Over all it's a bit hard to work with, doesn't sit well on the waterline and requires too much pressure on your upper lid. Although despite the hardness it does blend pretty well and i was able to work it into the outer wing of my eye a little better than I expected. Mixed bag. 

This has become a staple in my mascara arsenal. I can't fault this mascara at all. The formula is perfect, volumising and lengthening. A true black that doesn't flake, smudge or crumble. The brush is one of the spikey plastic ones rather than bristles and it does a great job of separating my lashes and coating each one without any clumping. A must have mascara - I understand why this has had a fair bit of hype around it.

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  1. This is amazing eye makeup tools and your tutorial is also good. Thanks to share this tips. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life. So I love to use makeups & my Liquid Matte Lipstick everyday. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.


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