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28 December 2016

Christmas has come and gone in a blink of an eye and New Years is fast approaching! I actually can't believe how fast time flies sometimes! I'm not a huge fan of New Years in terms of resolutions or fresh starts but I do love an excuse to get all glam. My everyday makeup is pretty neutral and lately has been simplified even more, however for New Year I feel like I have the perfect opportunity to go bold and brave with my makeup. 
I was kindly sent the Living Nature Smokey Eye Kit*, which, as its name suggests is the perfect set of products to create a super smokey eye. Now, I was intending to create a subtle smokey eye demonstrated in the Living Nature demo video on YouTube, but then things took a turn for the more dramatic. 
I'm no makeup artist and thought I should use some tutorials for guidance but I just kept finding that all the tutorials using 'green/ clean' makeup were subtle and I wanted more 'glam'. So somewhere along the way I threw caution to the wind and went pretty all out on the eye makeup. This is what I ended up with...
As I said I'm not a makeup artist, guru or even very confident in my makeup skills so I just gave it a go and hoped for the best. I kept this look all about the eyes and paired it with a neutral lip, but I also think this would look really striking with a bold red lip too, or vamp it up with a dark cherry / berry hue.
The Living Nature Smokey Eye Kit that I used includes three eyeshadow shades in Slate (matte black),   Glacier (shimmery grey silver) and Sand (matte warm toned nude) along with their Jet Black Thickening Mascara and Midnight Eye Pencil.
To create this more bold version of a smokey eye I started with an eye primer and then swept the matte nude eyeshadow in Sand over my whole lid. To guide the shape of the wing I wanted I traced the outline with the Midnight eye pencil through my crease and winged it out to the sides. I buffed and blended this out to remove the harsh line. This pencil has both strong colour payoff and staying power along with ease of blending without it being so creamy that it just smears away. 
Next I filled the inner third of my eye with the Glacier shadow and the outer third with Slate. To make the wing bolder and darker I used the Midnight pencil to create and fill in the outer wing then smoked it out with a fluffy brush and topped with Slate again to build up the colour. 
I slowly blended the Slate shadow more into the centre of the eye and then really built up the silver Glacier shadow to give more impact. To make the silver Glacier shadow really pop, I used a damp brush to apply it which gave the shadow a lot more pigment and colour payoff. Using these shadows damp makes them very versatile, they are still easy to blend and apply but give a heavier application of colour.
Lastly I smudged a hint of Slate under my lower water line on the outer corner and used Glacier for the inner corner highlight and under the lower  water line too. I finished the look with a sweep of Midnight pencil on my upper lash line, tightline and lower waterline. A couple of coats of Jet Black Thickening Mascara is all I needed to make my lashes stand out against all the drama without the use of false lashes (falsies would make this look even more glam though) This mascara is a slightly wet formula and make my lashes look very long and luscious. It is quite lightweight and doesn't make the curl of my lashes drop and there is no flaking. It also dries really rapidly so I didn't need to worry about it printing and ruining my eyeshadow.
And there you have it, my very shaky first step into a makeup look for New Year. 
A bit more about this Living Nature Smokey Eye Kit*:
My kit was created with three shadow shades in Slate (matte black), Glacier (shimmery grey silver) and Sand (matte warm toned nude). All shades can be bought individually and popped into the Living Nature Eye Shadow Compact which has room for four of your fave eyeshadows which can be easily changed and also includes an applicator. This compact is completely recyclable and each shadow comes in it's own eco recyclable envelope to help reduce packaging waste. 
All of these lovely makeup bits can be bought online from Botanical Brands who have a huge range of Living Nature products from skincare to bath and body and makeup.
All of Living Nature's Cosmetic products are certified by BDIH, free from synthetic ingredients and their ingredients are all sustainably sourced.


  1. Yaaaaass! You look FIERCE! I love it! :D :D x

    1. Week thanks Annabel! I was so so nervous to post this- nearly chickened out haha so your kind words mean a lot! xxx

  2. This looks stunning! It's a beautiful look! I love getting glammed up for New Year as it's one of those rare occasions that I actually get the chance to :)

    1. Thanks Mel. Me too, sometimes you just need a good bit of glam!

  3. Wow you look great! You say you aren't good with makeup. It still seems complicated to me but if you say your not confident i'll give it a go. It looks great. I love Living Nature.


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