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19 June 2012

Nourish Relax collection*

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Nourish sent me one of their gorgeous skin care sets. I was pretty excited as I had been peeking at their products before.

I was sent the lovely Relax range which is designed to soothe and relax the skin with a blend of Lavender, Shea butter and plenty of other natural ingredients. Nourish skin care products use organic ingredients and are free from parabens, synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, sulphates, silicones, phenoxyetol, PEGS and mineral oils. So when it comes to being good for your skin you can trust that they will be.

The Relax set that I received contained four products that are designed to use in a four step skin care routine, like so:

Step1. ~ Nourish Relax Cleanser - This I really like, my face feels really smooth and clean after use, but without that tight feel that some cleansers can give you. The formula is quite watery feeling and isn't highly foamy on application. It instead creates a soft lather that is refreshing. The scent is also better than expected. I was pretty apprehensive when I first received the products as I am not the biggest fan of Lavender at all. However, this cleanser does smell pretty good. The Lavender scent is not at all over powering, just subtly there, and there is a hint of something almost zesty and citrus that I can't put my finger on, but really helps boost the scent. In fact I think the scent even makes me feel a little cleaner and fresher. This is a good cleanser to use if you don't like using hot cloths or flannels as using your hands for application does the job just fine. The bottle is a nice pump design and a little product does go a long way so you definitely get your monies worth. / Price: £9.95 100ml /*

Step 2.~  Nourish Relax Toner Spritz - For use after the cleanser. I have been using this by applying it to my face after the cleanser with a cotton pad. I've always been a bit lazy about toners and never really minded or thought they did much good but I genuinely like this toner a lot. It makes my face feel doubly clean even after the good cleanser. I do think it helped my skin by controlling the small skin bumps that I often get when I'm stressed out, which is brilliant and I also think my skin was a little less tired looking after using it frequently. / Price: £8.95 100ml /*

Step 3. ~ Nourish Relax Face Moisturiser - Unfortunately I only got to use this product once. I have quite bad allergies and sometimes with highly scented products I can get bad headaches and they can make my allergy symptoms flare up,  a bit like hayfever. This is definitely the most scented of all the products and for me the scent was much too strong for me and my face. I was however impressed with the lightness of the moisturiser which is a lot less heavy than other face moisturisers and it applied beautifully when I did first try it. I didn't have a shiny face after or look/feel greasy which is great. If this moisturiser was less or unscented or I didn't have spazzy allergies then I think this would be a great moisturiser. It was just a shame I didn't get to test it properly. / Price: £13.95 50ml /*

Step 4. ~ Nourish Relax Face Gel Serum - Now this was my favourite product by far! I love this gel,  it just makes the whole routine come together. It locks in moisture and make my face super soft, fresh and well...Nourished. It's a liquidy water gel rather than a gloopy one and you don't need much. It sinks into the skin perfectly and has that same pleasant scent that the cleanser has. I certainly think my skin looks much brighter and smoother after using this regularly! / Price: £15.95 50ml /*

Overall I was very pleased with the Nourish products, it is quite something to produce products that are natural and as chemical free as these are and that really work and do have benefit! The packaging is beautiful and the set I was sent was really carefully presented. I do find the prices a little steep but I think for a great routine it is worth spending the pennies! I certainly will be trying some of the other ranges from Nourish when these run out!

If this interests you, you should definitely check out their site for more detailed info on their ingredients etc.

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